3 Top Massages Type for all

3 top Massages – Massage therapy has a broad range of styles which can assist with common ailments such as headaches, stress, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, just to name a few. It can decrease stress, pain and improve flexibility.

Once only used for pampering it is now proven to have a range of  massage health benefits.Can be used just for those looking to unwind, or therapeutic intervention to treat common musculoskeletal conditions.

A healing art and science it can suit everyone. Here at Ayurve we offer a range of different massages tailored to suit your needs. We offer both seven single treatment rooms or a double treatment room for both yourself and maybe a friend , family member or loved one.

Hydration is important post massage so you can be given either some tea or herbal water. It is highly recommended and for our therapists to adhere to their code of conduct and professional association obligations that you wear underwear during the treatment.

Relaxing Massage

Is a gentle form of massage therapy used for relaxation, removal of muscular tension, health management and stress reduction. It is based on Swedish massage. Long strokes ( effleurage), kneading petrissage and fractioning. It is used to increase the oxygen blood flow to the muscles which in turn releases toxins built up in the lymphatic system.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage uses specialised corrective deep tissue techniques. When muscles become damaged tense or immobile, remedial massage traces the origins of the problem. For rehabilitation, pain relief, improved muscle function and mobility. Your therapist may include a range of techniques, nutrition advice or corrective exercise therapy into your massage if needed.

Pregnancy Massage

A specialised  pregnancy massage with techniques to meet the individual needs of a pregnant woman and her baby. A pregnancy trained therapist will assist with the tensions and discomforts that occur during pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy is a soothing and pleasant experience for the mum to be. We
offer a specialised pregnancy cushion to lye on, or side lying depending on the mothers needs. Suitable post 12 weeks and beyond pregnancy massage can be a delightful experience for the body and mind.

Tips for Massage Treatments at Day Spa or Massage Salon

  • We can provide disposable underwear if needed.
  • Prior to your treatment, your therapist will undergo a short verbal consultation to assist and tailor the massage to suit your needs.
  • It is important to advise the therapist if you are pregnant specially within the first trimester so appropriate oils are used like almond, coconut excluding aromatherapy oils.
  • Any other health condition, medication or concerns needs to be addressed prior having a massage treatment. This is to avoid any complication during or post treatment.
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