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Aadhmaanaghna / Aadhmaanahara – antiflatulant


Aakhuvishaghna – an antidote for rat poisoning

aamadosha – broadly refers to food intoxication, usually with faulty digestion

Aamragandhiharidraa – turmeric with the flavor of mango

Aanaahaghna – that which relieves constipation

Aartawajanana – a substance which promotes ovulation/ mentrual flow

Aasyavairasyanaashana – anti anorectic

Aayushkara – a promoter of life

Aayushya – beneficial to life

Abha – lustrous

adhbobhagahar – a product that clears the body wastes through the lower passage

Agnideepti, agnikarraka, aghnivardhaka, agnyuttejaka – that which stimulates the factors gastrointestinal digestion

Agnimaandyahara – antidyspeptic

Agnisadan – a substance and drug that causes deficiency of digestive power

aguru – light( not heavy)

Ajeernaghna – that which corrects indigestion

Aksepa saman – anticonvulsant

Akshirgaghna – indicated in eye diseases

Ama pachan – drugs that digest amadoshas

Amadoshaghnai/ amadhoshahara – counteracts the effects of aamadosha

Amritaphala – fruits with nectar( ambrosia) like properties

Angamardaprashamana – anodyne/ analgesic

Anilahara – alleviator of vaata

Antrika kotha prasaman – intestina antiseptic

Anulomana – carminative, having the power to relieve flatulence and associated cotolic

anulomana – sending or putting it the right direction

anulomani – that which regulates bowel movements

Anuvasan – a drug that causes the body and the body element to starve

Apacheeghna – that which resolves glandular enlargement

Apasmaaraghna – anti epileptic

Arevatta – that which promotes excretion of body wastes

Arshab- shatana a drug that arrests the growth of piles or hemorrhoids, or causes them to dry up and fall.

Arshahita – beneficial in hemorrhoids

Arshoghan – a drug that cures piles or hemorrhoids

Aruchighna, aruchihara, arushishamana – antianorectic

Ashmaghna, ashmareeghna, ashmaantaka, ashmareebhedana – indicated in urolithiasis

Asmaribhedana – urinary linthontripties: a drug that breaks a stone formed in the urinary tract

Asthisanhaara, asthishrinkhala – that which promotes healing of bone fractures

Ateesarashamani – anti diarrheal

Atilekhana – excessive reduction of the body weight

Atisthamba – hemostatic

Avasadan – a drug that causes depression in body and mind

Baaddhamootraghna – that which relieves anurea

Badakandinee – with firm/ strong rhizomes

Bajikaran – aphrodisiac

Bala – refers to the tenacity and capacity to survive under advesrse environmental conditions

Balabudhivivardhini – a promoter of muscle strength, resistance to disease and intellect

Balaprada – that which gives strength and resistance to disease

Balva – tonic

Balya – this term carries two meaning viz.muscular strength and tone, as could be judged from one capacity to perform physical work: and rsistance to diseas, decay and disease and the capacity to inhibit or neutralise the cause of the disease

Bhagandaraghna – useful in the treatment of fistula in – ano

Bhedana – purgation

Bhootaghna, bhootaapaha – with psychoactive and antimicrobial action

Bhramahara – that which promotes clarity of mind and dispels confusion

Bhramakara – that which produces giddiness, mental confusion

Bhrimhana, brinhan – that which promotes the body bulk

Bhringaara –that which blackens the hair

Brihatkushtaghna – antileportic

Chakshusraavahara – that which relieves ocular discharges

Chandanagandha – that which smells like the sandalwood

chardi – vomiting

chardighana,chardishamani – Anti emetic

charmakantaka – a skin disease

chaturhikavishamajwaranaashini – antimalarial (particularly against quartan fever)

Daahahara, daahashamanee – refrigerant, relieves buringing sensation

Dadrughana – indicated in scaly affections of the skin

Dadrupaamaahara – indicated in scaly and exudative affections of the skin

Dantarogaghna – effective in denatal diseases

Dantya – that which promotes the health of the teeth

Dasha Prasaman – refrigerant: a drug that cures the burning of sensation of the body or which cools the body

Deepanapaachana – a gastric stimulant and digestant

Dhaatupushtikara – that which nourishes the body tissue

Dhaatupushtivardhaka – nutrient tissue homolog which nourishes the tissue

Dughaanika – with mulky lates

Galagandahara – indicated in glandular swellings of the ventral part of the neck region

Gandamaalahara, gandaari – indicated in glandular swellings in the neck region

Garala – poison

Garavishahara – that which is said to neutralise noxious or poisnous potions

Garbhaantaka, garbhapaatakara – abortifacient

Garbhaashayasamshodhani – said to cleanse the uterus.

Garbhapatana – that which induces abortion

Garbhasaya samaka – uterine sedative

garbhasthaapana – that which promotes conception

Garvasaya samkochka – ecbolic: a drugh that causes contraction of the uterus

Gobhee, gojee, gojhwa – having leaves which are rough like the cows tongue

graahi – that which binds the bowel( astringent)

Grahaghna – useful in psychiatic involvement

Grahanirogaraha – indicated in malabsortpion syndrome/ chronic amebiasis colitis

Grantighna – that which cures glandular enlargement

gudaarthihar – which relieves rectal pain

gudabhramshara – indicated in prolapse of the rectum

Gudakeelakahara – indicated in hemorrhoids, rectal polyp

gulmaghana, gulamahara – tumor like conditions of the abdomen

Guru – heavy, that which is digested slowly

Hidmanaashaka/ hikkaghna – indicated in hiccough

Hridaya – cardiac tonic

Hridayaavasaadaka – cardiac depressant

Hridrogaghna, hridrogahara – indicated in heart disease

Hridrogashamana – indicated as a paliativein hearth diseases

Jalodaranaashanee – useful in treatment of ascites

Jantughna/ jantunaashanee – antheminitic, antimicrobial

Jarana – digestion

Jeernajwarahara – useful in the treatment of chronic fevers

jiwaniya – a drug that improves the vitality of the body

jwaraghna, jwarahara, jwaravegav, naashaka – antipyretic and febrifuge

Kaamalaghna, Kaamalaahara – that which cures jaundice

Kaasaghna, kaasahara – antitussive

Kaasapeenasahara – indicated in chronic bronchitis and rhinitis

Kaataashobhinee – that which makes women look beautiful

Kalihaaree – that which eliminates the vitiated doshas

Kandoohara, kandooghna – inidcated the skin conditions associated with itching

Kandughan – antipyretic: a drug that cures itching sensation

Kantharogvinaashani – that which cures the throat disorders

Kanthashodhana – that which cleanses the throat

Kapaalavisarpaghna – indicatederysipelas of the scalp

kaphaateesaaraghna – that which cures diarrhea produced kapha

kaphajwarahara – that which cures fever caused by kapha

kaphakaasahara – that which curescough origination from Kapha

Kaphapittajwaraghna – that which cures fever involving kapha and Pitta

Kaphapittashamana – that which relieves the kapha pitta dosha

Kaphashophahara – cures edema produced by kapha

Kaphodarahara – cures abdominal disease produced by Kapha

Kaphonmaadaghna – cures insanity produced by kapha

Karnaartihara – that which relieves pain in the ear

Karnanaadaghna – that which relieves tinnitus

Karnapidakaghna – that which is inidcated in the treatmen of furuncles in the ear

Karnapooyaharam – indicated in otorrhea

Kashaaya – astringent

Katnthashoolashodhana – that which relieves throat paid

Katu – pungent or bitter in taste

Kavaldharan – Gargle

Keetamaaraka – anthelmintic, insecticidal

Kinihee – indicated in the healing of ulcers

Kiraatatikta – intensely bitter

kolam – having a sour taste

Kotha prasaman – antiseptic

Krimidoshara – indicated in toxic conditions arising on account of insects, worms or microbes

krimighna – antithelmintic, antimicrobial, disinfectant

Krimihara – vermicidal/ anthelmintic/ antimicrobial

Kshataghna – indicated in trauma

Kshatakshayashamanee – indicated in wasting diesease associated with the injury

Kshutshamani – that which alleviates hunger

kukshishoolahara – indicated in abdominal colic

Kushalee – that which promotes health( well being)

Kushtaghna – indicated in skin diseases

Laghu – light, easy to digest

Lekhani, lekhan – that which aids in reducing corpulence

lochinee – soothing to the eye

Maamsakara – that which promotes muscle growth

Maarkava – indicated in the treatment of graying of the hair

Madana – that which intoxicates or exhilarates

Madhudruma – refers to sweetness of all parts of the tree

Madhumehaghna – antidiabetic(hypoglycemic)

Mahaakushtaghana – antileprotic

Mahakleetaanika – indicated in the treatment of impotence

Malamootrasamshokhaka – that which aids in the eliniation fo body wastes including feces and urine

Malapaatana – aids in the elimination of body wastes, including the feces

Mandagni – having deficient digestive power

Medohara, medhoghana – causes reduction of obesity

Mehaghna –that which relieves polyurea

Mehya, medhakara, medhyakara – that which promotesmemory and intellect, brain tonic

Mohanaashinee – indicated in the treatment of delusion

Mootradoshahara – that which causes urinary disorders

Mootrakrichahara – indicated in dysurea

Mootrala, mutral – diuretic

Mootrashodhani – that which cleanses the urine

Mootravardhana – that which promotes micturition

Mridurechaka, mridurechana – laxative(mild purgative)

mukharoganaashani – indicated in the treatment of disease of the oral cavity

Mukharookshaghana – that which relieves in dryness of the mouth

Mukharukhara – that which relieves pain in the oral cavity

Mukhashodhanee – that which cleanses the mouth

Nasya – errhine, a drug which promotes nasal discharge

Netraogahara – indicated in the treatment of of painful eye disease

Netravikaarashamanee – palliative in eye disorders

Netravranahara – indicated in ulcerative condition of the eye

Netrya – beneficial to the eyes

Nidraanaashanee – that which causes insomnia

Nidrajanan – hypnotic, a drugh that brings sleep

Nirama – free from undigested material

Niruhavasti – a simple enema free from oil or with very little oil

Paachana, paachani – digestive

Paandughna, paanduhara – antianemic

Paashaanabhdea – that which breaks strones

Pachampacha – that which promotes digestion

Palankasha –that which reduces body bulk

parjuna – that which promotes health

Peenasaghna – indicated in the treatment of chronic rhinitis

Pichumurda – a cure for skin diseases

Pipaasahamani – that which relieves polydpsia

Pitta sarak – cholagogue: a drug that causes secretion of bile

Pittaateesaaraghna – indicated in diarrhea due to pitta

Pittajwaraghna – indicated in the treatment of fever due to pitta

Pittashamana – antibillious

Pleeharogaghna – indicated in diarrhea due to pitta

Pradaraghna – antileucorrhic

Pramehaghna – relieves polyurea

Prativisha – an antidote for poison

Pravaahikaghna – antidysenteric

Punarnavaa – self renewing/ rejuvenating

Puttihar – Deodorants: a drug which causes purification

Rakta bhar samak – A vasodilator

Rakta bhar vardhak – A vasoconstrictor

Raktaateesaarashamana – Palliative in hemorrhagic dysentery


Raktapittaghna – Indicated in the thereapy of hemorrhagic diathesis

Raktapittastambhana – Hemostatic

Raktastambhani,rakta sodhak – That which purifies the blood

Raktavikaarashamani – Inidcated in hematological disorders

Raktoklishta – Blood disitegration

Rasaayana,rasaayanee – Rejeuvenator

Rasaayani – Lymphatics

Rechana – Purgation

Rechani – Purgative

Rochaka – That which promotes taste and appetite improvements


Ropana – Purgative

Ruchya – An appetizer

Rujaapaha – Analgesic

Sama – With andoshas,immature doshas shatus and mala

Samagni – Normal digestive power