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Acne Skin Treatments for Face, Body skin, Causes, Types & Treatments For all Acne Treatments it is important to know what type of acne condition the skin is going through,  Ayurve Day Spa offers skin consultation in Sydney and can advise if it can be treated after your consultation.

What is Acne?

Also known as acne vulgaris is a long term skin disease that occurs when the hair follicles are clogged from oil and dead skin from within the skin.It affects areas of the skin with high numbers of oil glands such as Face/back and upper chest.

What Causes Acne Skin?

As the body sheds dead skin cells to replace them with new ones, the hair follicle gets clogged with the skin cells. This blockage makes it so that the sebum cannot get out which results in acne.
    • Overproduction of sebum– Sometimes, the issue isn’t that there is a blockage, but that there is simply too much sebum being created that it gets backed up as it is released. This results in the pimples that appear from acne
    • Hormones-Teenagers go through hormonal changes when they go through puberty thus having an effect on hormones which can increase oil production. For women, they go through cycles where their hormones fluctuate. It is because of this that, during some times of the month, a woman might have more acne and during others, she might have no acne.
    • Stress-Considerable amounts of stress and frustration, whether with life or with a job, can lead to acne. Tension causes the glands to close up and that results in the backup of sebum that would otherwise be released.

Types of Acne Skin

Whiteheads : (Grade 1 Acne)

Acne skin treatments sydney for Whiteheads (Grade 1 Acne)Whiteheads, also know as closed comedones are one of the more common forms of Acne, that can effect anyone’s skin. They appear as small whitish bumps underneath our skin and occur when the follicle becomes clogged due to the sticky sebum oil and dead skin cells blocking the opening. The opening to these follicle are so small that no air can get in, which will leave the oil un-oxidized and leave it white.

Blackheads : (Grade 1 Acne)

Blackheads, also known as open comedones are another common form of Acne. Similar to the whitehead, the oil becomes trapped under the skin due to the build up of dead skin and sticky sebum, although the follicle will have a much wider opening, allowing air to get in and react with the oil causing it to oxidize and turn black, giving you a ‘Blackhead

Pustules : (Grade 3 Acne) 

Acne skin treatments for Pustules (Grade 3 Acne) Pustules are red and inflamed lesions that are elevated and will have a white head on top, containing pus, the white pus is a mixture of white blood cells that have come to fight the bacteria with in the pustule. Papules : ( Grade 2/ 3 Acne depending on severity ) Acne skin treatments sydney for Papules (Grade 2/3 Acne) Papule are slightly elevated, and appear red and inflamed. Do not attempt to squeeze a papule as this can cause permanent scarring, as a papule does not contain any pus, so people tend to squeeze and squeeze, causing the follicle to rupture underneath, leaving you with pitted scarring.

 Cystic : (Grade 4 Acne)

Acne skin treatments Sydney for Cystic (Grade 4 Acne) This is when the acne has become quite inflamed and swollen and is underneath the skin creating large cysts filled with bacteria.

Acne Causes

Genetics are thought to be the main primary cause of acne in 80% of casesHormones, Diet, Stress, Infections, Environmental factor, Medications
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Acne Treatments

Acne Treatment Price

Acne TreatmentsPrice NowBooking
Salicylic peel + Led Light Therapy $169.00
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Lactic Peel + Led Light Therapy$149.00
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Laser Skin Treatments - Red Diffuse $65.00
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Oxygen Mask + Probiotic peel + Led Light Therapy $179.00
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Note: Treatments can vary depending on individual acne conditions
Acne Scarring Treatments , ( Note These Treatments will be launched October 1, 2018) Skin Needling ( dermapen ), Fraxel Laser, TCA treatments

FAQ – How Can Acne be Treated?

What You Need to Know About Acne/Pimples

Acne is an unpleasant condition of the skin that a lot of people suffer from for a number of reasons whether it be hormonal or cosmetic. It can be very embarrassing if you experience constant skin breakouts, but there are various easy and inexpensive ways to treat and maintain acne breakouts. All acne cases are graded in various stages, stage 1 acne being the mildest form in the way of blackheads and whiteheads, to your more severe cystic acne cases that are graded stage 4 and may need medical intervention.

How to get rid of Acne & Pimples in a Skin Clinic?

Some people apply heavy makeup to hide the breakouts or congestion visible on their face, but this will only help feed the problem as you are not treating the acne condition and can often make the breakouts worse. It is recommended to use water-based cosmetics, as oil-based ones may cause breakouts. Also, go for products that contain natural ingredients, as they are milder on the skin. In cases where the acne is quite mild, most people that have themselves on a good skincare routine with proper professionally recommended products, the acne problem is maintained and the skin will experience minimal breakouts if any. More severe acne conditions can still maintain breakouts if on the right professional skin care, there are many misleading supermarket brands that promote treatment for acne, but most of these will contribute to further problems and do not fix the problem.
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Products for Treating Acne & Pimples

The biggest factor with treating acne, is constantly making sure the skin is being exfoliated. Acne forms under the skin when there is a blockage in the pore and the thick sticky oil becomes trapped. Most clients with stage 3-4 acne naturally produce a thicker stickier oil which constantly needs to be washed from the skin, using the right professional skin care can maintain this. A great product which can permanently alter the sebaceous glands ability to produce a less amount of oil, is Vitamin A – preferably ASPECT chirally correct form of topically applied vitamin A is much better for the skin and less irritating. There are many different strengths and forms of vitamin A on the market and it is very important that any vitamin A product has been provided by a skin care professional. Ro-accutane is an oral form of vitamin A which should be the very last resort for treating acne, as this form of form of vitamin A effects the inside organs as well as all the outer skin on the body. Read more about our blog-Effective Acne Treatments