Waxing treatments can make your skin feel fresh, clean and smooth, if you make sensible decisions in your waxing routine, you will get pain-free, glowing results. Waxing is an individual preference. Some individuals like shaving better, while others opt for waxing. The disadvantage of shaving is that your hair grows back quicker and thicker than before. Shaving will have to be performed more frequently to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. Alternatively, with waxing, it takes longer for hair to grow back (up to a month), ultimately saving you money and valuable time, and the hair grows back finer, since it is pulled from the root of the hair.

It is recommended to wait 14 days and allow the hair to grow out a bit prior to undergoing a waxing treatment. This is effective, as it produces a more accurate and stronger stripping or pulling, which allows the hair (even the shortest one) to be directly pulled from its root. Waxing, just like shaving, can produce ingrown hairs, which is why exfoliating before waxing is needed to avoid such a problem from occurring.

Two Kinds of Waxing Skin care treatments

Cold – It is applied to waxing strips and placed on the skin. Any leftover wax on the skin should be scratched or peeled off.

Warm – The wax is warmed, allowing it for easy distribution throughout the skin. When the wax cools down, it will grip the hair tightly. When you quickly remove the wax, hair will go with it.

Waxing Skin Care Treatments – Exfoliating

There are many exfoliating methods available, one of which is brushing. This is recommended, since some products contain ingredients that may cause irritation to waxed or shaved skin, penetrating the hair shaft or follicle while waxing or shaving. This occurs when the exfoliant is not fully washed off, leaving behind small particles. These granules or bead-like particles get stuck between the blades of the razor and can potentially cause damage to your skin and razor. It is best to exfoliate before shaving and a day prior to your waxing session to guarantee a safe and comfortable experience.

Other Waxing Treatments – After Care

After a waxing session, you should wear loose clothes, as this prevents possible irritation to the skin. It also guarantees that the skin shafts or follicles do not rub against your clothes.

Avoid deodorants, massages, hot baths or showers, saunas and spas, chlorinated swimming pools, tanning or getting exposed in the sun, and rigorous workouts for 24 hours. All of these prevent the heating up of the skin and the prolonging of any inflammation caused by waxing.

If you’ve just undergone a facial waxing, do not apply makeup, as well as false tan for 24 to 48 hours. As much as possible, your skin should be kept clean and free from sweat. Try not to touch the skin after the hair removal process, since our hands have the possibility to carry germs. This minimizes the chance of microorganisms going inside the skin, which may cause infection or irritation, usually seen as acnes or blemishes a couple of days after the procedure.

Ayurve Spa-Arm Waxing

Ayurve Spa-Arm Waxing

Recommended products after waxing treatments

After Brazilian Wax we recommend to use Bikini Saver around the sensitive areas, if you had other body waxing we suggest you use mild aloe vera soap and moisturiser to keep the skin calm and will not irritate after use. Contact Ayurve Spa for the listed products.