Aromatherapy Massage

Our Mother Nature has given us innumerable gifts. Some are only within reach, some are plentiful, and some are waiting to be exposed. There are valuable natural elements, such as different flowers and herbs that have particular essential oils, which are filled with health benefits and ideal for aromatherapy massage. Some of them are safe to consume, whereas the others are to be absorbed directly through your skin going to your body.

In Aromatherapy Massage we use essential oils have numerous kinds, with each of them different in composition; therefore, the benefits that you get from them also vary. There are essential oils that can be combined so as to produce oil blends to be utilized in order to obtain certain health benefits.

Mind and Body Relaxation during massage

Mind and body relaxation is among the most significant advantages of receiving an aromatherapy massage. If you are suffering from stress both physically and mentally, this type of massage with the use of certain mixture of oils can assist in your relaxation and ideal if you are couple and want to de-stress together. This is a tried-and-tested approach established through a study conducted at University of Maryland Medical Centre.

You are sure to feel very calmed and relaxed following your massage session. Essential oils that can be utilized are orange blossom, vanilla, chamomile, lavender, rose, sandalwood, and more. There are aromatherapy centres that will even let you pick between the numerous oil blends to match your favourites.

Pain Relief with Massage

One of the main reasons why a lot of people get an aromatherapy massage is because they want to ease the pain they are experiencing. This type of massage promotes the circulation of blood all over your body, and since essential oils are soaked up into your bloodstream, they are able to make contact with your body’s different areas, thus helping you to treat inflammation and with tissue recovery. Essential oils, such as cypress, rosemary, clove, and sweet birch can be used for pain relief.

Treatment for Insomnia with massage

Aromatherapy massage can also help people suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep. English lavender, grapefruit, patchouli, and sweet orange can be used, as they function as calming agents and anti-depressants. Using these essential oils enables you to relax and helps you to get a good night sleep.

Revitalization with Aromatherapy Massage

Revitalization is among the many benefits you will get from aromatherapy massage. Keep in mind that revitalization and relaxation are not one and the same. The essential oils can be absorbed in the skin for hydration, as well as get to your bloodstream from where it’s carried in all body parts, which include the mind and joints. Lemon, mint, rosemary, orange blossom, and grapefruit are essential oils that can be used to uplift your body and mind. These oils liven up your mind and ensure you of a body that is full of energy due to the fact that they have the ability to let go of noradrenalin, a hormone that can effectively help you with sustained attention.

Appetite Suppression and Improved Digestion with Massage

Last, but not the least, aromatherapy massage can help you with appetite suppression and digestion. Essential oils, such as patchouli and fennel are capable of curbing your appetite, in addition to detoxifying your body. Orange blossom and fennel have properties that can help with body detoxification.

Choice of Essential Oils Massage blends are now available onsite in a day spa or you may request to buy after treatments.

How much does it cost ?

Aromatherapy massage can range from location to location and time, if you just do a massage 30min costs $65 and 60min $115. If you book in during day Monday-Friday there are special deals which could be around $85 for 1 hr massage. Ayurve Day Spa 02 82974844