Ayurve Day Spa Services Sydney

Day Spa services range from short treatments to long day spa pampering treatments to cater for men and women. “Day Spa” is the modern word where Beauty, clinic and pampering is combined together in one location. Treatments like waxing, tinting, spray tans take between 15-30minutes, massage, facials and body treatments range from 30minutes to 120minutes for the busy professionals who are limited with time.

Visit Ayurve Day Spa Sydney to enjoy a full day of pampering

Medi Peels Treatments

Skin Treatment, Peels and Cosmeceutical facials, book a consultation first if you are not sure which peel is suitable for your skin.
Book your Peel & receive 20% off any Recommended Retail Products purchased on the same day as your peel, Save an additional 10- 15% on selected peels for Pre Paid Series of 3 (all Series packages are non refundable and have a expiry of 4 months from purchase date)

Offer Valid until 31 July 2017
Medi Pee-Face TreatmentsSingle Price ($) NowPre Paid Series of 3 Price ($)Discount %
Skin Consultation$20$200%
Cosmedix Blueberry Peel$100$27010%
Aspect Lacto Botanical Peel$120$32410%
Aspect Jungle Salycilic Peel$120$32410%
Aspect Pigment Punch Peel$120$30615%
Cosmedix Benefit Peel$150$382.5015%
Cosmedix Timeless Peel-$220$59410%
Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel$120$30615%
Societe Acai Berry peel with Probiotic's$130$331.5015%
Cosmedix Age Deception Peel$150$382.5015%
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Waxing For Men

Waxing TreatmentsPrice
Eye Brow Shape-20min$25.00
Eye Brow Touch up 15min$25.00
Underarm Wax-15min$25.00
1/2 Back Wax(shoulder)-15 min$25.00
Back Wax-30 min$50.00
Back + Shoulder 40min$65.00
Chest Wax-25 min$45.00
Chest to Stomach-45 min$65.00
Stomach wax-25 min$38.00
Full Arm Wax-35 min$50.00
Full Leg Wax-45 min$65.00
Mens Speedo-30min$50.00
Full Leg+Speedo Bikini 60min$76.00
Full Back+Full Arm+Full Leg+Speedo Bikini-110min$169.00
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Waxing For Men

Waxing for Women

Waxing for Women Price list, subject to change without notice.
*Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only
*Brazilian Touch-up is applicable if you had full brazilian with Ayurve Spa in the last 4 weeks.
Waxing TreatmentPrice
Lip OR Chin$13.00
Lip & Chin-15min$25.00
Sides of Face-15min$20.00
Eye Brow Shape$25.00
Underarm-15 min$25.00
1/2 Back-15min$25.00
Full Back-20-30min$50.00
1/2 Arm-15min$25.00
3/4 Arm-25min$35.00
Full Arm-30min$45.00
Inner Thighs-15min$30.00
Bikini-Standard-(sides only) 15min$30.00
Bikini-Extended (G-string higher than usual)-30min$45.00
Half Leg-15min$40.00
3/4 Leg-30min$45.00
Top Half Leg-30min$40.00
Full Leg-30min$50.00
*Full Leg & Bikini G- string & Underarm Waxing-70min (Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only.)$95.00
* Full Leg, G String OR Underarm (Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only)$74.00
*1/2 leg & Bikini line OR Underarm (Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only)$50.00
*1/2 Leg,Bikini line & Underarm (Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only)$75.00
*1/2 Leg, G String OR Uarm (Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only)$59.00
*1/2 Leg, G String & Uarm (Waxing Packages can only be used 10am-12noon or 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday Only)$86.00
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Microdermabrasion Price

Microdermabrasion TreatmentsPrice NowPrice RRPSave%Book Now
Skin Consultation$35$35
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Microdermabrasion 1 session "FIRST TIME CLIENT OFFER"$49.00 $99.0050%
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Microdermabrasion *Add on to any Facial $49.00$99.0050%
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Microdermabrasion+30min Aspect Facial$114$16930%
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Microdermabrasion+60min Facial$169$21923%
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Microdermabrasion - book a skin consultation prior doing any microdermabrasion treatment if you have never had this type of treatment before, if you are on any type medications and especially for skin types FITZ 3 + as pre prepping with pigmentation serums may need to be subscribed!

Fat Cavitation-Body

TreatmentNormal PriceSpecial PriceSavePrice Per Session
Free Trial 30min$150$0100%$000.00
Fat Cavitation 30minx1 $150$1406%$140.00
Fat Cavitation 60 minx1$300$19933%$199.00
Fat Cavitation 60 minx3$900$49844%$166.00
Fat Cavitation 60 minx6$1800$90050%$150.00
*Free Session for Fat Cavitation /Body Contouring or Skin Tightening - Belly, Thighs, Arms, Buttocks, Legs.
* 60min session covers full area eg both thighs or both arms or both legs etc

* Prices are subject to change anytime with 1 day(s) notice, this offer cannot be used with any other discount offers, coupons, corporate discounts or vip membership or existing gift vouchers and credits.

*Special price period Ends on 30 SEPT 2015.

*Packages expiry: 30min session within 30 days, 60min within 45 days

* Treatments are most effective when they are done within 2- 4 days interval.
couples day spa services

couples day spa services