Winter Skin Treatments is here, why not  try the range of options Ayurve Spa offers for him or her. Is your skin feeling dry or dehydrated? If you are limited with time and want to see quick results at Ayurve we offer Laser Skin Treatments, Microdermabrasions, LED Light therapy, Facials and Peels to suit your skin. All our advanced skin technology products give results including the Syneron-Candela Laser Skin machine.

What is the Process for Skin Treatments?

We always consult with you first and asses your winter skin condition prior doing any treatments. There is a difference when we look at our skin from our naked eye and when skin technician checks with skin scanner. It gives us their exact locations of your skin concerns. This is like a xray for your skin to give you the best treatment options. This is why we recommend to consult a skin technician or beauty therapist for your skin goals.

Ayurve like to give you value for your money and offer you products to manage your skin for the next few months before the next season changes. Book a Consultation with our skin specialist today.  Our standard prices vary specially if you buy package of 6 or more to see better results.

Microdermabrasion 50%

TreatmentNormal PriceSpecial priceSave
Crystal Free Microdermabrasion 1 Session First Time.$99.00$89.0010%
Crystal Free Microdermabrasion 1 Session Add On$99.00$49.0050%
Ayurve Day Spa Spring Deals-Skin Facial Rejuvenation Save upto 50% for Microdermabrasion if you add to any facial of choice.

Medi Peels Treatments

Skin Treatment, Peels and Cosmeceutical facials, book a consultation first if you are not sure which peel is suitable for your skin.
Book your Peel & receive 20% off any Recommended Retail Products purchased on the same day as your peel, Save an additional 10- 15% on selected peels for Pre Paid Series of 3 (all Series packages are non refundable and have a expiry of 4 months from purchase date)

Offer Valid until 31 July 2017
Medi Pee-Face TreatmentsSingle Price ($) NowPre Paid Series of 3 Price ($)Discount %
Skin Consultation$20$200%
Cosmedix Blueberry Peel$100$27010%
Aspect Lacto Botanical Peel$120$32410%
Aspect Jungle Salycilic Peel$120$32410%
Aspect Pigment Punch Peel$120$30615%
Cosmedix Benefit Peel$150$382.5015%
Cosmedix Timeless Peel-$220$59410%
Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel$120$30615%
Societe Acai Berry peel with Probiotic's$130$331.5015%
Cosmedix Age Deception Peel$150$382.5015%
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Skin Needling & Crystal free Microdermabrasion Pricelist

TreatmentNormal PriceSpecial Price$ Save
1x Skin Needling Session$300$15050%
1x Skin Needling +Microdermabrasion$399$19950%
1x LED Add on to any package$89$4945%
ReservationWho should Not Have Skin Needling ?
People with Diabetes, Epilepsy, Skin Disorders, Open or broken skin, Active pustular acne, Post surgery/cosmetic Surgery, or those taking any form blood thinning medications!
Contraindicated to people with Rosacea, Asthma, Hay fever, Allergies, medication associated with photo-sensitivity, Fitzpatrick 111 + may need to be pre prepped on lightening treatment for 2 weeks prior to first needling treatment to avoid post inflammatory pigmentation >PIP)
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**Skin Needling with Infusion
*Hydration Infusion (Hyaluronic Acid, Hyla sponge system)
*Lightening Infusion (Kojic Acid)
*Clarity Infusion ( Lactic and Salicylic acid)
*Rejuvenate Serum (anti aging pentapeptides)

Cosmeceutical Facials

Cosmeceutical FacialsNormal PriceNowSave%Book
Aspect Age Reverse Treatment 60min $130$120 12%
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Aspect Medi Detox Treatment (includes extractions) 60min$130$12012%
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Aspect Skin Brightening Facial 60min$130$12012%
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Societe/Aspect Oxygenating Facial (super cleansing/brightening, includes extractions) 75min$159$1590%
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Skin Consultation-20min$30$2033%
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Aspect Customised Facial 60min*$130$12012%
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Societe Oxygenating Express Facial (super cleansing/brightening) 45min$110$9513%
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Intensive Mask Add-on (pumpkin peel or papaya rejuvenation) $250%
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Aspect Express Facial 30min$95$6513%
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Aspect and Societe Cosmeceutical Facials by Advanced Skin Technology. If you are not sure which facial is suitable please book for Customised Facial 60min

Laser Skin Treatments AntiAging/ Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Treatments AntiAging/ Rejuvenation
Individual Prices, Package Prices available please contact Reception for more details, Package Discounts 10%-40%
Laser AntiAging/RejuvenationPrice 3 Pack Offer
1/2 Face Aging/Rejuvenation
110.00Contact us for more info Special Price
Full Face Aging/Rejuvenation
220.00Contact us for more info special price
Laser Aging/Rejuvention Consultation
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LED Light Therapy Pricelist

TreatmentSpecial PriceNormal Price$ Save
LED Light Therapy + BlueBerry Peel (SPECIAL MON- FRI ONLY)$99$18947%
LED Light Therapy + Microdermabrasion Session$89$18852%
LED Light Therapy + Express Facial$114$15425%
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1.Our Sapphire Lite offers LED Red, Blue, Green and Violet light therapies.
2.Average treatment time for LED is 20min.
3.Add LED to facial or peel and save.
4.Benefits of having LED, Brightness, Antioxidant for skin, Hydration, Exfoliating, Healing, Stimulating collagen and elasticity. Perfect combination to pick and rejuvenate your skin during winter


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