Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

Ayurve offers range of Ayurvedic beauty skin treatments to suite different skin types and doshas. Ayurvedic beauty treatments follows the science of Ayurveda to ascertain your skin type and then tailors your skin regime. You skin can come under Vata, Pitta or Kapha skin or even a combination. Ayurve uses Omveda Ayurvedic skin care range that covers for all skin types in Sydney.

Ayurve has specialised ayurvedic skin therapist that are available on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and other days on availability.

Omveda Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments Facials Options:

Omveda 24 Carat Gold Facial –

  • Is your skin feeling Dull and Dry
  • Is your face looking tired and stressed ?

Tailored to suit your skins individual needs. This herbal facial helps to uplift the spirits, increasing circulation, giving the skin a healthy glow. Recommended for those who have tired stressed skin.

(facial includes change time, skin analysis & product advise)

Omveda Pure Silver Facial

  • Do you have redness on your skin?
  • Is your skin inflammed ?
  • Is your skin sensitive to heat ?

Tailored to suit your skins individual needs. This herbal facial helps to balance your skin from outside & helps to treat either scars, pigmentation, open pores, sagging skin or skin prone to redness.

(facial includes change time, skin analysis & product advise)

Omveda Pearl Facial

Tailored to suit your skins individual needs. This herbal signature facial helps to improve elasticity & circulation on the face & neck giving the skin a healthy glow.

(facial includes change time, skin analysis & product advise)

Omveda Vegetable Peel Facial

Tailored to suit your skins individual needs. This herbal signature facial helps to improve elasticity & circulation on the face & neck giving the skin a healthy glow.

(facial includes change time, skin analysis & product advise)

Ayurvedic Omveda Herbal Facials

Ayurvedic Omveda FacialsTimeNormal PriceNowSave%BookBuy
24 Carat Gold Facial60min $125$110 12%
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Pure Silver Facial60min$125$11012%
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Pearl Facial60min$125$11012%
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Vegetable Peel Facial60min$125$11012%
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Skin Consultation-20min15min$30$2033%
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Customised Facial60min$125.00$11012%
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Ayurvedic Omveda Herbal Facials is derived from ancient indian organic herbs, blend with natural products like milk, eggs, cucumber if required.
* Choose Customised Facial if you are not sure which options suits you the best


Ayurve Detox Pkg (Consult/Massage/Facial) –

Wholistic Weight Loss – Work on the Inside
Finding the right weight for you is what should matter most – not anybody else’s expectation of the perfect size

Listen to your body for:
Feeling uncomfortable with your weight. There is no one generic ideal weight for every woman. Each woman has her own ideal weight range, which she will feel good in.

Faulty diet and digestion. Inadequate or inappropriate exercise for your constitution, sleeping during the day, hereditary factors, hormone imbalance, emotional reasons, low self-worth and lack of love.

Ayurveda takes a fresh approach to weight management which takes your individual constitution as a starting point to creating your wellbeing. Your Ayurvedic body-type becomes the basis of a specific treatment program consisting of nutrition, exercise, daily and seasonal routines, herbs, supplements, lifestyle management and stress reduction. To lose excess weight you need motivation and enthusiasm, to initiate changes and carry them through. There is of course no miracle pill or quick answer to losing weight and if you want to keep the weight off permanently you need to do so slowly, and with an attitude of patience and self-love. Remember, it took a long time for you to accumulate your excess weight, so give yourself time to lose it!

What is Ayurvedic facial & Skin Care?

Ayurvedic facial and skin care is indigenous to India. It is entirely based upon the traditional Vedic formulas for the skin care. Ayurvedic beauty products are not like any other natural skin and health care products, it is because they are made from formulated herbs and not essential oils. Curcuminand saffron is the most commonly used herb in Ayurvedic skin care. Curcumin or turmeric is well known for its anti bacterial, decongestant and rich in vitamins attributes, which is very helpful in evening the skin tone. Saffron is considered to the queen of beauty herbs as it helps skin to glow radiantly.

Ayurvedic skin care products are made using the pure Ayurvedic herbs which are cultivated and grown in the traditional way. All this knowledge comes from the country where the sages transcended herbal knowledge more than 5000 years ago, letting us take the advantage of eternal health and beauty.

Omveda offers a wide range of products from the heart of Ayurvedic writings that offer you the goodness of herbs, flowers, natural minerals, extracts of wood, root and bark responsibly chosen to bring life to your skin and hair.

The herbs same as those taken internally are used in making the products.

Wh0 is OmVeda?

Omveda is a 100% natural range of products for skin, body and hair care. Its formulations are totally based on the traditional Ayurvedic teachings and knowledge. Omveda is best suited for the people who like to use only natural products on their skin. Omveda follows a philosophy – “if you cannot eat it, do not put it on your skin.” They believe that only the products containing vitamins and minerals full of nourishments and safe enough to take internally should be applied on the skin. All Omveda Ayurvedic skin care and beauty products adhere to this very principle.

What kinds of ingredients are used in their products?

All the ingredients used in Omveda are organically grown and picked at the right season to maximize the potency and effectiveness of the product. Specific ingredients are used for specific purpose like mango for dry skin, 24 carat gold leaf for anti aging, aloe vera for cleansing, almond oil for eye-cream, sea weeds and many other types of natural ingredients.

Other ingredients used as the base in their skin care products include beeswax, sunflower oil, almond oil, sesame oil, and purified water. It does not use sulphates, parabens, alcohols or any other chemical based ingredient used in most other “supermarket brands”. Omveda products are not tested on animals.

How does my skin benefit from such a range?

Omveda’s Ayurvedic skin care uses the powerful properties of herbs to balance the condition of the skin naturally and effectively.

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