Bikini Waxes – Know the Different Types

Prior to scheduling an appointment for a bikini wax at a beauty salon, it is best that you are familiar with the waxing procedures available. You need to know if you wish to get rid of all your hair in the pubic region or only in certain areas. Most salons or spas today will use hot wax as their preferred product as this is more gentle on the sensitive areas.

The most common types of bikini waxes are the following:

Standard Bikini Wax

– This type of procedure is done for those who want their hair taken out only at the outside of the bikini line. Majority of women go for a standard bikini wax if this is their first time, mainly to see and feel the procedure and get some more confidence for next time.

G-String Wax

– This is where majority of hair is removed from the sides and underneath. Think of a high cut g-string, anything that is visible on the sides and underneath is usually removed.

Brazilian Wax

– This is ideal for women who plan to wear a Brazilian-cut bikini. With this, you wouldn’t see any pubic hair in that specific spot. Occasionally, women want all their pubic hair to be pulled out, with the exception of a small triangle shape at the front. Normally, a Brazilian wax entails getting rid of all the hair from the bikini area, from front to back.

Decide which type of bikini wax suits your taste. A professional should always do it for you and best to ask questions so there are no suprises.

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