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pregnancy massage one hour

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Mum

Xmas Gift For Mum Christmas is the best time to buy a gift to pamper your mum at a day spa in sydney. Most spas offer day spa packages to cover from head to toe. Most gift cards offered by day spa's are flexible, choose a 1hour massage or 2-4hour day spa pampering package [...]

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Last minute Christmas Gift Idea for her

Last Minute Christmas Gift For Her at Ayurve Spa Are you still looking for a last minute christmas gift? Then look no further, Ayurve Spa Myer Sydney City offer full range of beauty, skin, spa and wellness treatments for her. Day Spa Packages Massages ( Swedish, Relaxing, Pregnancy, Ayurvedic) Facials Peels Body Wraps Fat [...]

Get Peachy Tranquilizing Christmas Gift Ideas Sydney

Christmas gift - Chocolates, flower bouquets, jewelry etc are very common gifts to present. You can't make an occasion special with these age old gift ideas. Got confused for Christmas gift as it is quite difficult to pamper a woman? Women want you to make them feel special. If you want to make her feel [...]

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Massage And Spa Treatments – A Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Are you searching for a gift idea for this christmas that provides you a fantastic deal while giving a nice impression on your family members and friends? Purchase a massage and spa treatments gift card for a massage, facial, or even a whole day of soothing and revitalizing treatments. Even the toughest of person can [...]

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Birthday Surprise Ideas

Birthday Surprise Ideas - Gifting is a familial tradition for many Australians and people living here are encouraged by others to give gifts to the people. There is no rule that the gifts have to cost a lot but they should be gifted after a lot of consideration. Many birthday surprise ideas  are successful when the gift is of [...]

A Luxury Sydney Spa With A Difference

Sydney Spa Your body is a machine which works round the clock but never complains except for minor aches here and there. But surely as a person who values himself and considers the body and knows its importance would want to give his/her body the best. Then why not spend a day at a Luxury Sydney [...]

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Medical Grade Peels

Ipl skin rejuvenation Skin Regeneration, Resurfacing, Acne, Rosacea Redness and Sun Damage - You don't have to live with it anymore, by coming and seeing our specialized team of Skin Specialists at Ayurve, we have a range of treatments that will improve your complexion and increase the youthful appearance of your skin. IPL Skin Rejuvenation [...]

Laser Hair Removal for Women And Men

Hair Removal for Women Gone are the days when you have to shave each day. You can opt to have your hair waxed, but it is painful and perhaps the reason why some bear to have unnecessary hair. Put waxing and shaving behind you, and go for a laser hair removal instead. The technology in [...]

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Surprise Your Partner With A Nice Couples Spa Massage In Sydney

Couples spa Massage in sydney - Tensions and stress have invariably become a part of all our lives. We are all so caught with our work and following a routine that we tend to ignore the craving of our body to be soothed and relaxed. After a grueling day at work, it is definitely time [...]

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3 Top Massage Types for Her or Him in Australia

3 Top Massages Type for all 3 top Massages - Massage therapy has a broad range of styles which can assist with common ailments such as headaches, stress, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, just to name a few. It can decrease stress, pain and improve flexibility. Once only used for pampering it is now proven to have [...]

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Dos and Don’ts for Laser Hair Removal

Dos and Don'ts for Hair Removal Laser hair removal is both for men and women who desire to have a hair-free and smooth body. As the term implies, the procedure utilizes a certain type of laser to get rid of unnecessary hair permanently. Here are laser hair removal do's and dont's: Do's - Laser Hair Removal [...]

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How To Get Your Skin To Looks Its Best

SKIN TREATMENTS FACE At Ayurve Day Spa, located in Sydney Myer, we have different types of facial therapies that are custom designed to get your skin looking and feeling its best. Whether you want to treat sun damage, target fine lines, brighten the skin, treat acne and acne scars or treat pre maturely aging skin, we have specialised skin therapists that are available for you to see and design a program to suit what you want to achieve. NO Chemicals or Fragrances are used in any of our skin care lines, and homecare is always recommended to see permanent lasting results. Medical Grade Peels-Skin Treatments: Don’t let the term ‘peels’, turn you off the idea of having one. The Medi Peels done at Ayurve are carried out with the finest ingredients that will not leave you with irritated and raw skin; the ingredients are purified in such a way that they cannot cause irritation to the skin. Aspect and CosMedix are our Cosmeceuticals ranges that we have thoroughly researched and found as being one of the best pharmaceutical skin care ranges available to the public, to see faster and permanent results in the treatment of pigmentation, brightening, acne, sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles then peels would be a great place to start. […]

How Aromatherapy Massage Helps

Aromatherapy Massage Our Mother Nature has given us innumerable gifts. Some are only within reach, some are plentiful, and some are waiting to be exposed. There are valuable natural elements, such as different flowers and herbs that have particular essential oils, which are filled with health benefits and ideal for aromatherapy massage. Some of them [...]

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Prolong your Spray Tans

Prolong your Sunless Tan Good news for all you spray tan sydney cbd lovers! We are now stocking pre and post care techno tan products to prolong your spray tan, specially formulated to enhance any Techno tan. RRP$18 Pre Tanning Product Pre Tanning> Exfoliating body cream gently prepares your skin for the best tan ever, Low foam, sodium lauryl [...]

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Facilities For Full Body Wax For Men

Full Body Wax for Men Wax for Men-In today’s fashion conscious world, getting rid of body hair is no longer a domain of a woman; even men do so. The reasons could be anything ranging from a man wanting to look more cleaner or plain, need to look trendy and be the ‘metro sexual’ man. [...]

Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Most of the people consider massage therapy as the pleasure or recreational activity to have pleasure. However, it is only one side or aspect of the massage therapy because it has umpteen numbers of physical and psychological benefits. Let me put some lights on the benefits in a simple manner so you get insights of [...]

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Valentine’s Day specials

Valentines Day Specials We’ve gone all romantic over Valentine’s Day at Ayurve Day Spa and we want to Share the love with all our clients. So this Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself and your partner to our romantic couples packages from 1 hr couples massage to 4 hour couples day spa package. All our [...]

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Ayurve Spa Deals Winter Skin Treatments

Winter Skin Treatments is here, why not  try the range of options Ayurve Spa offers for him or her. Is your skin feeling dry or dehydrated? If you are limited with time and want to see quick results at Ayurve we offer Laser Skin Treatments, Microdermabrasions, LED Light therapy, Facials and Peels to suit your [...]

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Facials for Winter We all need Hydrating Treatments

Facials for Winter Is your skin dry or dull? The winter weather can take a toll on both men and women’s skin. Therefore, it is suggested that during the winter months you give your skin a lot of attention to keep your face and other areas from becoming dried out. Today, we are going to [...]

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Price Changes for Ayurve Day Spa

Price Changes for Ayurve Spa It has been a pleasure to serve you in the past, and we look forward looking after your beauty and spa needs in the future. Our aim is to provide you quality products and services. However, to do so require constant monitoring of our business and product costs, and as you too may have experienced theses continue to rise year after year. For four years, we have managed to absorb these costs but unfortunately we have come to the point where we are left with no rational alternative but to increase our prices slightly. We are confident, nonetheless, that you will find the quality of our products and services even in light of these new prices to be quite reasonable and competitive based in Sydney CBD location. 5 reasons why Ayurve ? […]

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Getting Ready for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

  Having unnecessary hair on the face or body can be upsetting, so laser hair removal could be the most convenient and easiest way for you to wear anything you desire with confidence. Whether you admit it or not, looking at the mirror and seeing those ugly hair makes you feel uncomfortable. In case you have decided to undergo laser hair removal treatment, expect to have a couple of sessions, as one session is not enough to get rid of all the hair. The reason for this is because the procedure has the tendency to work only on follicles that are growing, meaning it is possible that you are going to have this treatment for about 6 times to see the best outcome. You will have to wait around 4-6 weeks between sessions. […]

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An Overview of Hair Waxing

Hair Waxing While some people suffer from loss of hair, others are frantic about having their body or facial hair removed. Unwanted hair can be seen on the upper lip, chest, back, underarm, legs, chin, or bikini, and those who want a hair-free body look for an effective way to get rid of their unnecessary [...]

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IPL Hair Removal Know the Facts

IPL Hair Removal Facts for him or her The range of services provided in a salon or spa varies from a simple manicure and pedicure to the more complex thermal and laser beauty technologies. Such specialties of beauty treatments are targeted at various areas of the body that the patient or client calls for. Unnecessary [...]

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Facial Rejuvenation-The latest Trends and Best Value Treatments

Facial Rejuvenation – The latest Trends and Best Value Treatments Many women and men are more now than ever before, concerned about their physical appearance and maintaining youthful and smooth skin on the face and neck. Is it perhaps because in today’s age there is an abundance of facial rejuvenation treatments to choose from? More so [...]

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Laser Hair Removal for Men – Why Guys Want It

Laser Hair Removal for Men Most men, by nature, possess more hair in the body compared to women, and in the previous years, it was accepted by the populace as a sign of manliness. Things have changed, however, and more men these days strive to look well groomed and neat from head to foot. Normally [...]

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Corporate Massage – A Great Reward for Employees

Corporate Massage For Him or Her Corporate massages, also known as seated or chair massages, employs many soothing and refreshing treatments that do not require messy lotions and oils, and allow the individual to remain fully clothed. They are slightly different from other forms of massages, such as Swedish, Shiatsu, hot stone, and many more. [...]

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him Birthday Gift Ideas for Men: When that special man in your life’s birthday is coming up it can be hard to find the perfect birthday gift for him. However, it does not have to be. Men, like women, love to take care of their appearances and they love to be [...]

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Day Spa Facilities for Skin Care Treatments

Day Spa or Skin Care Facilities for Skin Care Treatments Skin is the most visible part of our body and the most affected by myriad elements of nature such as the sun, water, air, pollution etc. Looking after the skin is imperative and perhaps this is the reason as to why skin care is an [...]

Effective Acne Treatments to Get Rid of Acne skin

Acne Skin Treatments Acne is the most infectious skin disease which afflicted most of the young people. It has been recorded that approximately 85% of the teenagers and adults face this skin disorder. Sometimes, people overlook and ignore this acne problem. However, it could be dangerous to leave acne untreated as it can leave a [...]

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Laser Deal for November – 50% off On Selected Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser Deal April 2018 Get a jump start on the Winter ahead by visiting Ayurve Spa to receive a massive 50-60% off the following selected services for Candela Gentlelase hair removal. The offer is selected treatments only, excludes Discounted Packages, Gift Vouhers and other Laser Offers. Valid for the month of April 2018. First Time [...]

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Massage Therapy For All Occasions

Massage Therapy Massages are nice and they give you a therapeutic feeling that is hard to duplicate. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a stressful day, massage therapy works wonders. With a Massage in Sydney you can take advantages of the many benefits that are a result and they range from rehabbing [...]

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Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Massage Therapy-FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) 1. What should I expect during my first massage therapy Ayurve Spa Sydney visit? Your massage therapist will require you to fill out a health history form. This is necessary as the therapist will be working on your body and needs to know if you have any health issues, [...]

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Christmas Gift Vouchers for Men Buy Online and Save Time

Christmas Gift Vouchers for Men-Looking to buy a gift voucher for your man this Christmas ? Here are reasons why you should pamper them ! A Day spa is a unique type of spa treatment in that you do not need to stay overnight just to get yourself pampered. More often than not, day spa [...]

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Day Spa Treatments – Is for Everyone

Day Spa treatments everyone for relaxation is an essential commodity that a lot of people need today. A growing number of men and women have discovered that a retreat to a local day spa or massage center is one of the simplest and most comfortable ways to unwind and relive the stress brought about by our everyday [...]

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Attractive Appearance with RF Skin Tightening Treatment

RF Skin Tightening Treatment RF Skin Tightening - Who doesn't want to look pretty and young forever? Obviously, everyone whether men or women. However, fulfilling this wish is no more an impossible dream of the people. The substantive advancement in technology is capturing all the sectors rapidly. Why RF skin tightening? Nowadays, RF treatment for [...]

Removing Armpit Hair through Underarm Waxing

Underarm Waxing One of the reactive organs of the body is underarm, and if we are to weigh it against the rest of the areas of our body, it is pretty understandable that they’re darker with unnecessary hair. This is because of sweat and pigmentation. Our underarms perspire too much, and since it is only [...]

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Bikini Waxes – Know the Different Types

Bikini Waxes – Know the Different Types Prior to scheduling an appointment for a bikini wax at a beauty salon, it is best that you are familiar with the waxing procedures available. You need to know if you wish to get rid of all your hair in the pubic region or only in certain areas. [...]

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Ayurve Day Spa Services

Ayurve Day Spa Services Sydney Day Spa services range from short treatments to long day spa pampering treatments to cater for men and women. "Day Spa" is the modern word where Beauty, clinic and pampering is combined together in one location. Treatments like waxing, tinting, spray tans take between 15-30minutes, massage, facials and body treatments [...]

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Body Massage

A body massage has health benefits that can cure your physical as well as mental health. If you have regular massage sessions you can have unshakable health. This is the best way to get rid of the various pain killer medicines having harmful side effects. There are many different kinds of body massage Sydney and [...]

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What You Need to Know About Rosacea Skin

What is Rosacea skin? Rosacea is a skin condition that primarily affects the facial area. Often confused with eczema, acne or some other allergy of the skin, this chronic, inflammatory condition causes redness on the face and can produce tiny, reddish abscesses filled with pus. If left untreated, rosacea can get worse with time. What [...]

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Swedish Massage for Her or Him – How to do and benefits

Swedish Massage for Her and Him Swedish Massage-As with all types of therapeutic massage, Swedish massage is applied to help revitalize your health by reaching your vital points that make your body comforted from anxiety and pain. It is performed by cautiously kneading, as well as making use of smooth, long strokes on your body. [...]

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The Increasing Popularity of Waxing for Men

Waxing for Men Waxing for Men - Unbelievable as it seems, but men who would like to have their hair waxed are increasing in number these days, and this is probably due to the fact that some women do not really find hairy guys attractive. As you can see, even male models posing in a [...]

5 Ways to Look Beautiful Using Different Spa Beauty Treatments!

Spa Beauty Treatments Visiting a spa can help you refresh your mind and body. The regular visitors at the spa salon know the benefits of the spa beauty treatments and therapies received there. They take the maximum advantages of the spa to improve their overall looks, health and personality by visiting the salon on regular [...]

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Facials Massages – Its Importance and Benefits!

Why Facial Massages ? Face is the most fragile and important part of the body. It is our identity and often people have tendency to judge you on the basis of your facial looks. Very little is required to keep your face glowing and radiant. For better skin all you need to do is, eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables; drink a lot of water and get a regular facial so that the massage restores the blood flow. Most people don’t give much importance to face and do not include facial massage in their health and relaxation arrangements. Like a body massage, a facial massage also helps you to relieve tension and provides a soothing relaxation. Just like the rest of your body, you need to replenish energy in your face with fresh blood circulation, which can be done through a facial massage. This will make your face look lively and if you know you are looking good you can feel good inside and all this in turn can have a positive impact on your work. […]

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Why Should You Go For A Spa Massage Once In A While?

Spa Massages It's almost sad that we are born in this era where people all around you are running and are in a race to get one step ahead of us. We need to keep ourselves upbeat to face these challenges as the competition in today's time is fiercer than it ever was. So when [...]

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IPL Laser Treatment A New Way to Treat Rosacea Skin Condition

IPL Laser Treatments for Rosacea IPL Laser Treatment - Aesthetic doctors nowadays highly recommend IPL Laser treatment to those who suffer from redness in facial skin associated to Rosacea Skin Condition. An aesthetic doctor is a person who has a professional knowledge on how to perform a body contouring treatment like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) [...]

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Body Facial Skin Tightening For Summer Save 20%

Body Skin Tightening - Do you want a smooth, cellulite free, beach ready bikini body this summer? Getting ready for a wedding or to be bride? He or she needs facial skin tightening? After persistent diet and exercise are you still battling with a pocket of fat somewhere on your body? If the answer is [...]

How to: Give Hand Massages

Give Hand Massage It is important not to neglect hands as part of the beauty and relaxation regime. A youthful face is often betrayed by a person’s hands that are prone to the ageing process. Steps to Hands Massage Therapy Pour a small amount of massage or vegetable oil on the palms. Gently spread the oil on the whole hand by using small and light strokes. Using both thumbs, lightly stroke the hand starting from the middle of the hand. While resting the client’s hand with one of your hands, take each finger in turn: […]

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Merely Skin-ning the Surface Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments

Best anti-aging skin care treatments Your skin goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. Because you simply don’t know what environment you are going to be in from day to day, your skin will certainly be pierced with the elements. This is why you should apply skin care materials. Many people [...]

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Father’s Day Specials at Ayurve Spa Myer Sydney

Father's Day Specials It's almost that time of the year again! FATHER'S DAY! Are you running out ideas? We can help! with our top 10 fathers day pampering gifts. Every day needs to be pampered, they spend hours and years caring for the family, their hands, feet or body can be treated with luxury day [...]

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Prematurely Aging Skin Conditions Can Be Reversed

Prematurely Aging Skin Concerns Prematurely aging skin problem is attributed to the intrinsic and environmental factors that cause damage to the skin. This is the most common problem of today’s young people as they look older than their exact age due to Prematurely Aging Skin Problems. There are two major factors that promotes premature skin [...]

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Get Perfect Eyebrows & Eyelashes From Beauty Salon Sydney

Eyebrows Shaping & Tinting What is that you tend to notice on a face after a pair of beautiful eyes? It is obviously arched and shapely eyebrows. The eyebrows that you see on the celebrities are not natural. In other words, you need to visit a day spa Sydney regularly in order to keep them [...]

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

When Father’s Day comes around children seem to get into panic because finding the perfect gift for dad can be hard. You see all of the Father’s Day gift ideas being promoted across numerous websites that your brain just suffers a massive overload. Therefore, today, even though we are providing you with Father’s Day Gift [...]

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Ayurve Offers a Range of Perfect Beauty Treatments in Sydney

Beauty Treatments Relaxation is one of the key elements of getting a well moisturized and rejuvenated body. There is definitely no better place to go other than an herbal spa such as Ayurve. This place is calm and gives you that inner sense of having peace. This is indeed the best place for having Beauty Treatments Sydney based. There is a plethora of beauty treatments offered at very reasonable and affordable prices. In fact, these beauty services and packages can be used as Spa gifts for someone special. An alternative is to indulge in the Romantic Couples Packages and be able to spend time with your loved one. Here are a few of the beauty treatments enumerated. Massage Therapy: Massages irrespective of the kind are extremely soothing and relaxing to both the body and mind. There are diverse techniques of doing so based on the problem that one is suffering from. From hot stone Massage Therapy to deep tissue massage; Ayurve has a wide variety of such techniques to offer. The expert does the massage therapy after the consultation with customer. Based on the recommendations, the massage therapy is used. The effects of this massage are long term and therefore involve many benefits to the people. Massages are also known to affect the longevity of a person. […]

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Effective Solutions with IPL Hair Removal Treatment

You can preserve your beauty of God’s Gift rather it can be recreated and refined by the new high-end technology. Science has created a cutting edge in the field of facial, hair and other beauty enhancement procedures. It involves few risky and risk-free processes, however, allowing aspiring models, men, professionals and common man to resort to beautification. Gone are the days of conventional hair removal treatments, in vogue are the IPL permanent hair removal treatment, unique treatment for extra hair reduction. Off late, IPL is quiet a popular treatment to combat skin problems such as pigmentation, abrasions, collagen depletion, freckles, acne, redness and other severe symptoms. How to get rid of unwanted hair? If you are irritated and want to get rid of unwanted hair growth in chest, face, hands, bikini line or back, then we recommend the unique IPL hair removal treatment. This is a magical treatment offered by Ayurve resulting in a more confident self. Exact amount of thermal energy is applied to deter the hair follicle by holding the strong ray of lights over the affected area. This also eradicates feeder blood vessels to the targeted hair follicles. If you want to experience the bliss of hairless complexion and skin texture then visit the incredible Ayurve IPL permanent hair removal treatments.  […]

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas at Ayurve Day Spa

Mothers Day Gift - Ayurve Day Spa - Sunday May 13th Mothers Day Gift Ideas Ayurve Spa Sydney Running out of Ideas for Mothers Day? Mothers Day Gift Treat your Mum to some well deserved pampering at Ayurve Day Spa or come along with her and make it a Girls day out! Check out [...]

What Benefits Can You Expect From Day Spas

Day Spas - Different day spas offer different verities of treatments and comforts. Some are small to accommodate only special types of visitors needing specific day spa treatments, while others are bigger and can attract huge range of customers. So it is better to know what benefits you are seeking and then choose your day [...]

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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage for Discomfort, Stress and Pain at Work Today’s world involves a nerve-racking work environment and an extremely busy lifestyle, and for a lot of people, too much work creates emotional and psychological demands rather than physical demands, not to mention that the work pace has become more and more required by customers, patients [...]

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Skin Tightening with Radiofrequency Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Radiofrequency - At Ayurve Spa, we are now excited to offer our clients the latest technology in Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening, with RF (radiofrequency). The system provides a non-surgical treatment for the reduction in cellulite and is designed for most body types in need of that extra toning and tightening. [...]

Valentines Day offer 14 February Ayurve Spa

Valentines Day Offer pamper packages. Book yourself with a partner or friend for this Valentines day offer at Ayurve Spa Sydney. Why not pamper together in couples/double room for 1hr couples massage or 2 hr couples pampering package, start treatment with warm oil massage and end with a facial. We can tailor the treatments to [...]

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How to spring clean your beauty cupboard and skin care regime

Skin Care regime - How to Spring Clean Beauty cupboard tips for 2018   How long do cosmetics and skin care last post manufacturing? Check Labels -Time to open your beauty cupboard and check expiry dates. We forget sometimes all man made products will last forever. You will notice many packaging only  include Manufacturing dates [...]

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Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Body Polish in a Day Spa Sydney

Body Polish Treatments-Enjoy a  body polish, similar to a facial, but different from a massage, it is a whole body treatment wherein it exfoliates and hydrates the skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells, giving you a soft and smooth skin. There are a lot of materials used in a body polish procedure, like [...]

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What is the Difference between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin

You’ve most likely heard about dry and dehydrated skin before, particularly if you’ve visited a dermatologist to have your skin examined. It’s essential to recognize both skin conditions when selecting skincare products, as there is a great deal of difference between the two. Dry Skin – What Is It? Dry skin is caused due to [...]

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Waxing benefits for men

Waxing benefits for Men Waxing benefits for Men: It is rare for men to be seen getting a wax treatment, unless they’re competitive swimmers, cyclists, boxers, athletes, models, or actors. It is also likely that some would wax if their spouse wants to touch a hairless body, but keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong [...]

Laser Hair Removal Facts Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Hair Removal Facts Frequently Asked Questions- This is the best solution ever for unwanted hair on your body , no waxing, no shaving and no tweezing. Before you start here are few common Frequently asked questions and answers for you to consider. How many sessions for laser hair removal ? It varies area to area, [...]

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What Are the Real Benefits of Visiting A Beauty Salon?

Beauty Salon Sydney CBD Beauty Salon Sydney CBD – Modern life has become a lot stressful and strain-inducing as compared to the earlier days. There is a constant tug of competition and performing well in the work place. Whether you have work in office on computers or on field performing some physical tasks your body faces some or the other kind of muscular tension. There are many different ways of relaxing from such stressful activities and visiting a Sydney beauty salon would be the best of all. Among people working on computers all day, having a back and neck pain is a very common phenomenon. And those who are working on field have other problems like pain in calves due to long hours of standing of lifting heavy objects. Most of us have the either type of job, and apart from physical stress there is generally a huge mental pressure hovering around at work place as well. The combination of these two types of stress can leave you worn out. But thankfully there are spa and beauty salons pampering packages in Sydney for you to get relaxed, cured, rejuvenated, and revived again. […]

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Pamper Your Spouse with Unusual Spa Gift Vouchers This Christmas

Unusual Christmas Spa Gift Vouchers On my last birthday, I had an unusual gift from my husband. He took me to a place with immense peace and aroma and I got shocked to find that he planned for a spa package for me. Actually, my unusual gift was a spa gift voucher. It was such an [...]

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Tips for Brazilian Waxing

Tips for Brazilian Waxing Sydney A Brazilian waxing is a type of Bikini wax which involves the removal of ALL pubic hair in the genital region. Whilst the process does not tickle and can be quite painful at times, the Brazilian has become one of the most popular services in the bikini wax family. At Ayurve we only use Hot Wax for the removal of the hair which is far more gentle and less painful on the area compared to the common use of strip wax which can be too harsh on the delicate skin. Here a few tips and precautionary measures to take when preparing, during and after your Brazilian Wax: Brazilian Waxing Precautions: Brazilians wax can only be done when the pubic hair is at least half a centimetre long, but it can also be too long so please trim down to at least a centimetre before hand to reduce chances of it being too painful. Brazilian waxing should not be done on pimples; new scars raised moles or open sores. You should take a shower and wash your pubic area before going for this service. You cannot have this service if you currently have any active herpes infection. Check that the wax will be done with disposable spatulas and company has a ‘no double dipping ‘ policy in place, this basically means every time the spatula is dipped into the wax and applied on your skin it is then thrown into the bin and a new spatula is picked up. Never feel shy to ask, to either see or ensure that the room and equipment is all sterile and that the therapist must wear gloves at all times. Most professional salons/spas have in place a breathing technique to reduce any discomfort throughout the treatment. Most Brazilians take between 15 – 45 minutes to be done. […]

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All About Waxing Skin Care Treatments

Waxing treatments can make your skin feel fresh, clean and smooth, if you make sensible decisions in your waxing routine, you will get pain-free, glowing results. Waxing is an individual preference. Some individuals like shaving better, while others opt for waxing. The disadvantage of shaving is that your hair grows back quicker and thicker than before. [...]

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Day Spa in Sydney

Day Spa in Sydney A Great Opportunity to Pamper, Relax and Heal Your Body If you think that day spas are for the luxury and are meant only for the spendthrift people who do not know what to do with their money then think again. Spas and massage therapies have been practiced since centuries now [...]

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What Could Be A Better Gift Than A Day Spa Gift Voucher For Your Valentine?

Seriously, what could be a better gift for your valentine this year than a day spent together at a Spa? Think about it, it will show that you love her from the bottom of your heart, and will also implement that you have put in much thought over choosing a gift that enhances your love rather than buying something from a store. Moreover, the expression on the face of the receiver of the gift is just worth it, when they open up an envelope and find out such splendid gift voucher. The best thing about spa gift vouchers in Sydney is that it can be gifted to both men and women, as there are options of massages that one can choose to include in a spa gift voucher. The another great option with the voucher is that you can just keep a fixed amount on the voucher and let the receiver decide what massage or treatment he or she wants to receive. As spa treatments are equally beneficial and sought after by men these days as much as by women, this kind of a voucher becomes an ideal gift for your beaux this valentine’s day. […]

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Health benefits from massage therapy

Let go of the tension in your mind and body with a rejuvenating massage at the hands of skilled therapists in Sydney. Life at times can be quite stressful, sinking us into tightness and unbalance, and at such times, we need some assistance in relieving ourselves of the pain and aches. Massaging has been an [...]

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Autumn Day Spa Package Deals

Autumn Day Spa Package Deals-Sydney Is this the best time to be in Sydney, welcome Sydney Autumn weather which started from 1st March and we have new warm exciting Ayurve Day Spa Package Deals for everyone. We could expect rains and grey skies which gives us a chance to be indoors. Why not to checkout [...]

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Summer Day Spa Packages and Deals

Summer Day Spa Packages and Deals Summer is almost over; take advantage of the last of our summer deals at Ayurve Day Spa. Last of the Summer Specials Exclusive to our subscribers and Facebook Fans only, Valid until Feb 28th 2015 only, don’tmiss out. couple day spa treatments-ayurve spa sydney Body Overhall Day Spa Specials  30 [...]

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Things to do Sydney-Spa Experiences

Things to do in Sydney-Australia Are you looking for things to do in Sydney, look at our beautiful azure sky, warm weather,  the historic famous Operah House, Harbour Bridge..this is why we love Sydney. Australian's are friendly warm people, we have open spaces, many national parks, famous wildlife like the kangaroo and koala's, blue ocean [...]

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How to Use Moisturiser Skin Care Visit Ayurve Spa

How to Use Moisturiser How to use Moisturiser Cream-When you cannot make it to one of the Sydney day spas to have your routine facials or other skin treatment performed, you may have to resort to using a moisturiser at home. However, when you do have to apply moisturiser at home you want to make [...]

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25th Birthday Gift Ideas for him or her

25th Birthday Gift Ideas-When you have a friend who is turning 25 and you need some 25th birthday , it can be a good idea to consider a spa indulgence. The best part is 25th spa birthday gift ideas can work for both males (him) and females ( her). Today, we are providing you with [...]

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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples at Ayurve Anniversary Gift Ideas-When one of your couple friend’s anniversaries is approaching it can be hard for you to try to find a gift that you think both of them will enjoy. The good news is there are many gift options for you to consider but you have probably [...]

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Romantic Couples Packages

You and your favourite person are a great team. You care a lot about each other and you both work hard every day because you’re passionate about everything in your lives: family, friends, work and each other. Valentines Romantic Special Packages This Valentines Day, wouldn’t it be nice if you could jump into a plane [...]

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Save 30% Massage Facials Mid Week Specials at Ayurve Myer Day Spa Sydney

We have Mid Week offer for you at Ayurve Spa MYER Sydney City, get ready for the busy period and de-stress. Save upto 30% 1hr Relaxing Body Massage Now $77 - Normally $110 or 1hr Dermalogica or Aspect Custom Facial Now $77 - Normally $110 Call now to make a Booking 0282974844 Valid Monday-Friday 10am-6pm [...]

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Ayurve Spa Offers Spa and Beauty Packages in Sydney

Beauty Packages Isn't amazing to know that Ayurve Spa brings the pure essence of spa and beauty salon to Sydney? With the years of experience and constantly adding better services in their portfolio. They offer myriad of services in the Beauty treatments and packages, here a few suggestions elaborated: Spa Treatments: There are a variety [...]

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Online Spa Gift Vouchers – Ideal Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts - "God could not be everywhere, so he created mother"  This is a saying which is probably we all have surely heard of. A mother is the most precious and dearest thing to a child. It is she who creates the child and shapes his world for him. In fact, mother [...]

Mid Week Specials! Save 30% Massage Facial Wax, Back by Popular Demand!

We have Mid Week offer for you at Ayurve York Street! Book Now limited Spaces available. Valid Wednesday 21st of March To Friday 23rd of March 10am-6pm Only Save upto 30% […]

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Deal for Friday – Save 50% on Massage, Facial and Tan Treatments

Deal for Friday only 50% off any 30 Min + Treatments ends at 7.30pm. limited spots left The offer is valid on 30 Min or Over, Excludes Discounted Packages, Gift Vouchers and other offers from our menu, emails Call now to make a Booking 0282974800 You are receiving these discount as you are registered with [...]

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