Brazilian Waxing FAQ For Women

Brazilian waxing involves the removal of all p-hair or you can leave a thin landing strip, or have your front shaped. Why is it so popular at Ayurve wax bar? It boils down to three things: A Brazilian makes you feel better, it feels, cooler and fresher and it empowers you to feel clean and smooth.

Brazilian Wax FAQ

Here’s a list of your most Frequently Asked Questions. We hope it helps to clarify the mystery of the Brazilian! Book any body wax  or Brazilian wax 7 Days a Week at Ayurve premium wax bar.

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing involves the removal of all p-hair, except for a thin landing strip or “maw hawk”.

How is Brazilian waxing done?

We disinfect the area, apply talcum powder and use wax designed for the most sensitive areas. Small patches of hair are removed, one at a time, with the utmost care! We also remove the hair that spreads through the back area. Afterwards, we give thorough homecare advice. Brazilian wax a very natural procedure, and the therapist’s experience and confidence dictates how comfortable you ultimately feel through it.

How long does the brazilian waxing procedure take?

Brazilian Waxing usually takes from 30 ­ 45 minutes, depending on hair growth.

How long has Brazilian Waxing been in practice?

Brazilian Waxing has existed among some cultures for centuries. In parts of the East it is tradition for the bride to have all hair removed before her wedding night. In the West it has become increasingly in vogue over the last two years. Off course in Brazil, where bikini bottoms are tiny, it is considered a normal bikini wax.

What do you attribute the new trend of having Brazilian Wax done?

The benefits of having it done are responsible for its popularity. Once anyone has a Brazilian, they can’t stop talking about it. Celebrities love it. Then the girls in “S.. and the City” got it done and their intimate life went through the roof. On the whole, talk among girlfriends has made the trend spread locally like wild-fire. Once one has it done and talks about its benefits, the others are quick to try it out.

What kinds of people are coming in to have Brazilian Waxing?

Everyone. All ages, all sizes, all walks of life. We cater to ladies who work in the Sydney CBD, and that is a wide range of women. Many ladies in long-term relationships have it done to “surprise the man”, a sure way to bring fire back to the bedroom (or bathroom, kitchen, garden……).

Is Brazilian wax very painful?

It depends. Some women have very strong hair and very sensitive skin, which makes for a painful experience. Others don’t even wince. On the whole most women are pleasantly surprised to see that it’s really not that bad. At Ayurve we also focus on performing it with the utmost sensitivity to our client’s feelings, which also helps. After having few brazilian waxes you can try our brazilian laser hair removal which takes less than 5 minutes … and after 6-8 session you can say good bye to waxing.

What kind of hygiene precautions do you take?

We use only disposable wooden spatulas, and do not double dip. We always disinfect the region and afterwards apply a gentle anti-bacterial tea tree lotion.

How long has Ayurve been performing the brazilian wax procedure?

Ayurve is a boutique salon in the CBD, which opened in December 2003. Our Brazilian Waxing expert has been doing it for over 5+ years, and have a total of 12 years experience in beauty, massage and aromatherapy. Book your first brazilian wax with our trained beauticians.

Why do women do it?

What it really boils down to are three things: It makes you feel better. It feels fresher and is more hygienic. It makes you feel like a powerful, Goddess!

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