Dos and Don’ts for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is both for men and women who desire to have a hair-free and smooth body. As the term implies, the procedure utilizes a certain type of laser to get rid of unnecessary hair permanently.

Here are laser hair removal do’s and dont’s:

Do’s – Laser Hair Removal

Do check out the exam rooms and meet the personnel. Is the facility sanitized? Are the staff members friendly and accommodating? What do you think of the spa’s level of professionalism and skill?

Do obtain a consultation and test patch prior to undergoing a laser hair removal treatment.

Do inquire about the rates and how many visits are needed. The number of return visits for treatments and the length of time the procedure will last differ from one patient to another. Make sure that you are aware of the rates and what can be expected during your visits.

Dont’s – Laser Hair Removal

Don’t be reluctant to speak out if you feel some discomfort. A professional has lots of ways to change the settings of the equipment in order to make your sessions more pleasant.

Don’t think twice asking about the equipment to be used. A highly regarded salon or spa must be willing to answer all of your questions, like how the procedure is done, how modern is their equipment, etc.

Do not get yourself tanned before your laser hair removal session; doing this will force the laser power to be inoperative, which means that the efficacy of the treatment will be lessened. Tan will also make the skin more vulnerable to side effects.

Don’t get laser done after being in direct sun for at least 1 week prior having laser and 1 week after you had laser.

Overall it is important to ask as many questions like how to look after the skin after having laser done, specially what type of products you can apply on your skin after laser so it keeps the body cool and doesn’t cause more irritation.

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