Facial Rejuvenation – The latest Trends and Best Value Treatments

Many women and men are more now than ever before, concerned about their physical appearance and maintaining youthful and smooth skin on the face and neck. Is it perhaps because in today’s age there is an abundance of facial rejuvenation treatments to choose from? More so than there ever has been.

Surgical or Non-surgical whichever treatment a client chooses to use to improve or alter the appearance of their face is some form of facial rejuvenation. Micro-Skin Needling, Peels, IPL, Radio Frequency, Light Therapies – and the list goes on, just as to what a client has to choose from in the way of Facial Rejuvenation.

IPL Facial+Microdermabrasion-IPL Ayurve Spa

IPL Facial+Microdermabrasion-Ayurve Spa

Why do i need it  ? The Reasons for Getting Facial Rejuvenation

 There are hundreds of reasons why a person chooses to have facial rejuvenation – but they all end in the same conclusion and that is to improve the appearance of their face.

When done correctly and by a qualified skin therapist – the results can be life changing for anyone that has struggled with their appearance.

The benefits of non-surgical facial rejuvenation is that it normally requires very little, if any at all, down time, the results sometimes can take a little longer to achieve but the cost is far less expensive and the overall treatment process is much less invasive than if surgery was involved.

Types of Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation ?


  1. Skin Peels

    – When clients hear the word peels that immediately conjure a vision of the facial skin peeling away leaving a raw, swollen and red face. Although some peels can actually have this effect, most peels do not penetrate far enough into the skin to create this kind of reaction. Peeling is mostly just done within the first couple of layers within the skin and has brilliant results in all areas of facial rejuvenation.Facial Medi Peels will promote production of new collagen and elastin helping to tighten and plump the skin, It can reduce if not completely remove sun spots and pigmentation caused mostly by sun damage, improve the look of dull sallow skin by speeding up cell renewal, producing fresh new skin at a faster rate, clear up acne breakouts and balance the skins natural oil flow. Peels can achieve fantastic results but they need to be done more than once for this to happen. Most peels are sold in packages so that the client receives the right amount to see results. Peels range from $85-$300/session, it doesnt include skin prep kits

  2. IPL Skin Rejuvenation

    – IPL Facial Rejuvenation can go beyond the surface of the skin and penetrate deep enough to have a stimulating effect on the collagen and elastin, helping to tighten/plump up the skin and improve blood circulation within the face. They can also be used to kill of bad bacteria that causes acne, break up pigmentation of the face and can help skins that suffer with rosacea by destroying the capillaries through the use of IPL ( Intense Pulse Light). Treatments start from $100-$200 per session

  3. Radio Frequency

    – This is a great treatment to improve the tightness of the neck and face. A different form of technology is used to penetrate the skin and create a heating effect of the bulk layers underneath the skin that is made up of the elasticity that is key in tightening the skin. After a series of these treatments have been done the overall elasticity in the skin is improved and the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin have been reduced. Treatmens can start $75-$200 per session

  4. Micro-Skin Needling for Men and Women $150-$200 per session

  5. Microdermabrasion for Male and Females $99-$125 per session

  6. LED Light Therapy-Red Light