Why Facial Massages ? Face is the most fragile and important part of the body. It is our identity and often people have tendency to judge you on the basis of your facial looks. Very little is required to keep your face glowing and radiant. For better skin all you need to do is, eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables; drink a lot of water and get a regular facial so that the massage restores the blood flow.

Most people don’t give much importance to face and do not include facial massage in their health and relaxation arrangements. Like a body massage, a facial massage also helps you to relieve tension and provides a soothing relaxation. Just like the rest of your body, you need to replenish energy in your face with fresh blood circulation, which can be done through a facial massage. This will make your face look lively and if you know you are looking good you can feel good inside and all this in turn can have a positive impact on your work.

Facials, if performed in a right way and on regular basis can reduce the signs of aging and even slow down the aging process. It can reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and pigmentation on the skin by making it more tight and detoxifying the impurities by increasing blood flow. The massage also helps in lifting up the muscles so you can keep looking younger for a long period of time. The dullness in skin is another common problem which can be well taken care of by a facial massage.

A facial massage in general is for 20 to 30 minutes. And this is an ideal time span for the massage of the facial muscles, if you are thinking the longer the better, then that theory does not apply here. If the massage on face is done for elongated period of time, it can harm your muscles and skin than doing good. If your skin is too sensitive mention that to the therapist when you are having a consultation with her prior to the session, this will help her to take extra care while using different skin care products on you.

A facial treatment includes a few steps, first your skin is cleansed so that it is free from dirt and make-up. Then a lotion or cream is used to avoid friction when the actual massage is performed, light strokes are used in the massage on different parts of your face to get the best outcome. You can tell your therapist just how much pressure you can handle during the massage.

During sleep, the blood flow towards the face is reduced, so your skin in the morning looks pale and puffiness is found under the eyes. This happens every day and to reduce its effect on your face you must go for a facial massage. Other tips to keep your face skin young for a long time are, not applying soap early in the morning, and cleansing face thoroughly before going to bed.