Facials for Winter-Is your skin dry or dull?

The winter weather can take a toll on both men and women’s skin. Therefore, it is suggested that during the winter months you give your skin a lot of attention to keep your face and other areas from becoming dried out. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best facials for winter so you can make sure that you are prepared for whatever Winter throws your way.

Facial for Winter-Ayurve Spa

Hydrating Facials for winter

One of the best facial beauty treatments is hydrating facials because they keep your skin from drying out. They are ideal for those who have sensitive skin or skin that is tired and dehydrated. This type of facial enhances your skins natural moisture, which helps eliminate fine lines. The experience you receive is relaxing too, thanks to the hydrating serums that are used. There are different types of hydrating facials depends on which products are used.

Dermalogica and ASPECT Facials

If you want to have your skin soothed, an dermalogica or aspect facial is a good facial for you. You will leave the spa feeling stress free, relaxed, and the ingredients provide a soothing skin. This facial improves your circulation, which rids your skin of toxins. The products used, get rid of your dead skin cells and provide your skin with a deep cleanse. Usually, the facial will consist of a massage of the face, scalp, and neck. If your skin is dry or oily, this facial could be your cure too.

Skin Brightening Facial

If your skin looks lifeless or dull, the skin-brightening facial is a good facial for you. People who have irregularities or discoloration benefit from the brightening that this facial provides. Once the skin has been cleansed, you will receive a massage and acupressure.

Facial is for everyone men and women

If you want your skin to be at its best during the harsh winter months it is ideal for you to go to the spa periodically and have facials performed, always consult your beauticians to do a skin analysis or face-map prior any facial treatment..

Other facial rejuvenation treatment options are:
  1.  Facial Rejuvenation & Treatments
  2.  Microdermabrasion
  3.  Skin Needling with Infusion
  4.  LED RED Light Therapy
  5.  RF Face & Body Skin Tightening
  6.  Peels & Aspect Facials