How to find the right day spa ?

I always wondered why people don’t research before going to a day spa or buying a corporate massage, day spa gift voucher for someone. These days it is so easy to find a day spa, but you need to know what to look for?

Here are top 10 tips and suggestion when you look for a day spa.

10 tips what to look for when choosing a day spa in sydney cbd.

Let’s start researching a day spa on Google or any search engine together?

Thanks to the internet you can find anything, especially a business that makes use of all the device technology and online marketing making it so much easier to locate and find local businesses. It will save you time calling your friends, colleague or even neighbors when you want information about a day spa they like?  Social media is another great outlet you can source any information or reviews from about a particular spa you may like to visit.

Google is a great search engine when using your smart phone or ipad/tablet, it will give you the most accurate results and reviews of anywhere your wanting to go. Firstly you type into the search bar the location and type of business you want to visit and you will then be given a list of places that are relevant to your search. Most reputable businesses  will have a website page you can visit and read over their testimonials and view the descriptions of services available.  It is important to know what exactly you have in mind, usually the Web address will give you an indication who they are eg Day Spa,  Thai massage place, waxing place, Skin Care Clinic,  deal sites or a directory? I will always type in “day spa george st sydney cbd” as i wouldn’t want to walk too far either from my parking spot or nearest train station.

Few guidelines to consider when reading Google Search:

Do you see any brands that your friends or colleague have mentioned, then maybe type it first to see if you can find any info?
Does the information on the links tell you what exactly they do and what they are offering?
Do they have a local phone number, address and map to see where the spa is located and is it convenient to reach there?
Do you see deals that look too good to be true? Most of the time they are!! Remember you always get what you pay for.

Next step visit the site and make note of the following top ten tips:

1.)    Look at the Treatment Menu and make sure they provide you the services your after.

2.)    Look for images, video or gallery that may give you indication of how the spa looks and the treatment room looks like from inside?

3.)    Does the place look clean and has a relaxing atmosphere?

4.)    Always look for spa etiquettes ? What should we bring with us, do they offer treatments for pregnant women?  shower facility and change rooms.

5.)    Do they have male or females therapists?

6.)    Most important is cancellation policy?  If I need to cancel my appointment what is the cost involved, do i pay 50% or 100% if i cancel last minute?

7.)    Once you are satisfied with the information the website has given you, best to look for a map on how to get there.

8.)    Then call the day spa or submit a online booking form to find out if there are spots available for the day and time that you would like to visit ?

9.)    If  you call them how do they sound over the phone ? Are they polite and have good customer service ? Are they open to give you more information or guide you to what is best suitable for you? Always prompt them for more info if you are not satisfied?

10.)  How long have they been in business? Usually you can check online reviews about the brand and check few if they have both good and average reviews?

I hope this will help you to choose the right day spa around and get the most value for your money, relax and be pampered.