Having unnecessary hair on the face or body can be upsetting, so laser hair removal could be the most convenient and easiest way for you to wear anything you desire with confidence. Whether you admit it or not, looking at the mirror and seeing those ugly hair makes you feel uncomfortable.

In case you have decided to undergo laser hair removal treatment, expect to have a couple of sessions, as one session is not enough to get rid of all the hair. The reason for this is because the procedure has the tendency to work only on follicles that are growing, meaning it is possible that you are going to have this treatment for about 6 times to see the best outcome. You will have to wait around 4-6 weeks between sessions.

When preparing for a laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended that you have no tan present in the skin whatsoever,  even if it is a fake tan, the laser beam that is targeted at any dark form of pigment in the skin,  will treat the tanned skin as well, which can lead to laser burns.

Furthermore, you must not tweeze or wax prior the treatment, as you would be removing the main target for the laser.

You might feel a tenderness of the skin or see some red spots after the laser hair removal treatment, but you don’t have to panic, as this is just normal. The therapist should always apply some sort of soothing gel or lotion to the area immediately after the procedure. Always avoid any saunas, spas, pools or strenuous excersise that would cause excessive sweating as this could irritate the skin.

Do read our section for Do’s and Don’ts about laser hair removal.

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