Give Hand Massage

It is important not to neglect hands as part of the beauty and relaxation regime. A youthful face is often betrayed by a person’s hands that are prone to the ageing process.

Steps to Hands Massage Therapy

  1. Pour a small amount of massage or vegetable oil on the palms.
  2. Gently spread the oil on the whole hand by using small and light strokes.
  3. Using both thumbs, lightly stroke the hand starting from the middle of the hand.
  4. While resting the client’s hand with one of your hands, take each finger in turn:
    • Move the finger from side to side
    • Move the finger up and down
    • Move the finger around in a circular motion.
    • Continue for 5 minutes.
  5. Lightly grip each finger by using your thumb and tips of your fingers. Apply gently pressure and then release after a moment. Repeat for all fingers.
  6. Turn the hand over, gently press along the metacarpal bones – that is, bones between the wrist and the fingers. Repeat for each of the 4 metacarpal bones.
  7. Using your own knuckles, gently stoke the back of their hands with oil.
  8. Regular massage will keep hands youthful.
  9. It is also important to care for the nails by washing hands with soap and scrubbing with a brush for exfoliation.
  10. Repeat all steps for both hands.

Benefits of Hands Massage Therapy

  • Simple and easy, very important part of your body you need it 24hrs a day so why not to pamper the hands.
  • A form of relaxation, as per indian and chinese medicine each nerve from your hands are connect to other organs
  • Tones the muscles of the hands.
  • Improves joint mobility and motion of fingers
  • Revitalizes the skin,
  • Increases blood circulation in the hands, reduce contraction of blood vessels ( ayurvedic hasta abhyanga)
  • Improve and increase grip strength.
  • Healthy, clean hands display the age of person.
  • Reduce arthritis in your hands and most common problems are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Hand Massage is usually part of a full body massage or facials offered by Ayurve day spa, you can always request for the therapist to focus on hands during the treatments. Read more about massage on our blog.