Skin Care regime – How to Spring Clean Beauty cupboard tips for 2018


How long do cosmetics and skin care last post manufacturing?

Check Labels -Time to open your beauty cupboard and check expiry dates. We forget sometimes all man made products will last forever. You will notice many packaging only  include Manufacturing dates and the standard skin care has 2 years life shelf. Take out your iPhone or Samsung mobile, take a picture of the product label, ingredients and save them for future reference just in case you want to share this info with your beautician or esthetician. This includes for all products Cleansers, exfoliants, moisturisers, masks, SPF, eyeliners, foundations, lipsticks, makeup kit.

Why is it important to discard expired cosmetics and skin care?

Well most skin cares have some form of preservatives, the chances are if they are outdated the products may grow bacteria due to moisture in the atmosphere, toiletry bags and bathroom cupboards. They may cause irritation, infection and allergic reaction without the preservative.

Before and after skin treatments?

Always take a picture of your skin, face etc before your visit your nearest salon  and before you apply any makeup. This gives you a chance to compare your skin before and after treatment.

Why do I need to consult/skin map or skin scan again?

It is a myth that you can use the same skin care throughout the year. Our skin changes daily, weekly, monthly due to many factors.

  1. Season
  2. Room Temperature/AirCondition
  3. Weather
  4. Food we eat
  5. Alcohol intake
  6. Dehydration lack of Water
  7. Pollution
  8. Hormonal
  9. Medicines
  10. Travelling

Like we change our wardrobe every season so we should change or alternate our skin care and cosmetics as well. Make it simple and easy to use. It is recommended to have regular facials or peels before you purchase any skin care. When you visit the salon or skin clinic get your beautician to re-asses your skin, try a new treatment based on how your skin feels during Spring Season. Once you are comfortable then choose the products and stick to a routine till your next visit to the Medi Clinic for  Skin Treatments.