How to Use Moisturiser

How to use Moisturiser Cream-When you cannot make it to one of the Sydney day spas to have your routine facials or other skin treatment performed, you may have to resort to using a moisturiser at home. However, when you do have to apply moisturiser at home you want to make sure that you are applying it and using it correctly. Therefore, today we are going to be discussing how to use moisturiser.

Applying Moisturiser

The five-dot method is one of the methods that tend to be used by everyone when they have to use moisturiser to hold them over until they are able to book a facial at one of the Sydney day spas.

What is the Five Dot Method?

  • One dot on the forehead
  • One dot on the cheeks
  • One dot on the nose
  • One dot on the chin
  • Massage everything in evenly

The Downsides of the Five-Dot Method

When using this method you are overloading your skin. More than likely you will find your skin will only feel oily and icky. Additionally, this method can cause your pores to become clogged, which results in breakouts.

The Proper Way to Apply Moisturiser

  1. Put a pump of your favorite moisturizer into the palm of your hand. It should be about the size of a pea.
  2. Rub your palms together so the moisturizer warms up and spreads out evenly within your palms.
  3. Starting at your cheeks rub in the moisturiser as gently as possible moving up to your forehead and finishing with your nose and chin.

Your Sydney day spa therapist probably performs facials with this technique too because all of the benefits that it provides.

Reasons to Use This Method

When you spread moisturiser in between your palms, it allows it to warm up so you can spread it easily and it will absorb into your skin easier. You just have to make sure that it is spread out evenly so your skin will be able to tolerate it more and your pores will not clog. Usually, you only have to rub your palms together two or three times before applying the moisturiser.

We stay start with your cheeks because they are usually the driest area on your face. You then proceed to move to your forehead because the area is already oily so it does not need a lot of moisturizer.


If you want, your moisturiser to provide you with the maximum amount of benefits you should follow the technique that we have described above. It will be able to allow your skin to stay healthy and look good until you are able to have a facial treatment performed at the Ayurve Sydney day spa.

 Ayurve Spa offers range of day creams, night creams, moisturisers for oily skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin or even sensitive skin.

How to use moisturiser

How to apply moisturiser-Ayurve Spa