Ipl skin rejuvenation

Skin Regeneration, Resurfacing, Acne, Rosacea Redness and Sun Damage – You don’t have to live with it anymore, by coming and seeing our specialized team of Skin Specialists at Ayurve, we have a range of treatments that will improve your complexion and increase the youthful appearance of your skin.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments –

IPL (Intensed Pulse Light) works by creating heat in various layers of the skin. By using different filters in the machine, we can target particular areas of concern to treat the problems such as pigment caused from the sun, broken capillaries, fine lines and overall rejuvenation of the skin.

We, at Aurve, have custom designed IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment which directly focuses on the areas such as sun damage, redness, age spots and others. Thus, enjoying the acne-free rejuvenating skin could be possible if you apply a perfect combination of treatments. IPL treatment is specially designed to reduce the sun damage as well as provide youthful skin. We have different level of treatments to cover all the affected areas systematically. The entire treatment would be divided into multiple segments so you can easily feel the difference on your skin after each phase of the treatment.

Medical Grade Peels –

By partnering your IPL Sessions with our Medi Peels, we can help resurface the skin faster and get your results quicker. The peels we use are formulated by Aspect and Cosmedix, which are two of the leading ranges in the paramedical skin care industry. The ingredients in the peels are purified in such a way that it will not cause irritations to the skin, yet they are strong enough that can restructure the skin cells and promote healthy cell production.

By combining both the therapies, you will be resurfacing from the top layers of the skin and treating the very bottom layers of the skin, giving you better and quicker results. All the clients will have a thorough skin consultation with our highly qualified skin therapists and will be given a proper skin  rejuvenation treatment advice and a test patch on an area of skin to make sure that you have the safest settings used on you throughout the treatments. You are able to alternate monthly between different therapies, one treatment per month.

The used peels are not the simple peels rather complete natural ingredients will be used in the peels which will not cause irritation and burning on the skin. We, at Ayurve, don’t go with the chemical feeling as it is not as safe as natural ingredient made peel. We purify our peel in such a manner so it can easily produce results more than your expectations. In order to maximize the results, we provide proper guidelines to be followed.

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