Laser Hair Removal Facts Frequently Asked Questions- This is the best solution ever for unwanted hair on your body , no waxing, no shaving and no tweezing.
Before you start here are few common Frequently asked questions and answers for you to consider.

How many sessions for laser hair removal ?

It varies area to area,  minimum 6 treatments needed although depends on fitzpatrick skin type i.e darker skin colour more sessions may be needed


What to expect after first laser hair removal ?

No heat treatments, hot showers or swimming 24 hours after treatment, no exposure to sun during all treatments and apply aloe vera gel to soothe the area.

Most popular areas for laser hair removal ?

For men most popular is chest, back, neck and shoulders, legs and brazilian. For Women it is lip, chip, bikinis, Brazilian, underarms, full leg and full arms laser hair removal.

How to prepare before laser hair removal ?

  1. Before-shave area 24 hours prior to treatment,
  2. no creams or deodorant to be worn day of treatment.
  3. no direct exposure to sunlight for atleast 1 week prior treatments
  4. advise therapist about any medication like hormone tablets, acne medication etc

After Laser Hair Removal ?

After hair Removal-apply aloe vera to treated areas to soothe the skin, no heat treatments 24 hours after treatment i.e hot showers, swimming, sauna

Brazilian laser hair removal experience ?

Laser Technician or therapist will sanitize area to be treated, Candela hair removal uses a cooling technique built into the machine which cools the skin slightly prior to laser treatment, sensations have been reported to feel like a rubber band snapping against the skin however treatment is quicker and reported to be less painful than waxing.

What to expect after few laser hair removal treatment?

Generally hair growth will be normally reduced by up to 70 percent,  growth although results vary from client to client depending on certain factors

50+ More Facts &  FAQ to be added shortly, this may help in making the right decision whether laser hair removal is suitable or not.

Laser Hair Removal-Lower Body

All prices displayed are per treatment. Pre-Pay Promo packs are subject to expiry date and must be paid in full.
Lower Body Laser Single Price($)PrePay 6 ($) PrePay 9
Feet & Toes$49$40$35
Bikini Line$49$40$35
Bikini Extended$52$41$36
Brazilian inc Anus* Female$59
Brazilian inc Anus* Male$129$110$95
Brazilian & Underarm Female$60$49$43
Leg+Braz+ Underarm$169$136$119
Full Leg$199$160$140
Full Leg+Braz+ Underarm$209
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Laser Hair Removal-Upper Body

All prices displayed are per treatment. Pre-Pay Promo packs are subject to expiry date and must be paid in full.
Hands & Fingers$49$40$35
1/2 Arm$125$100$88
3/4 Arm$129$96$72
Full Arm$165$132$116
Full Arm & Underarm$170$147$122
1/2 Back$119$96$84
Full Back$150


Full Back & Shoulders$199$149$129
Stomach line (Snail Trail)$49$40$35
Areola (around nipples)$49$40$35
Chest+Stomach 169$136$119
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