Facials & Medi Peels Treatments

Facials-Advanced Skin treatments and Medi Peels by our best facialists and skin therapists. We offer Revitalizing Facials with Dermalogica or Advanced Facials with Aspect.
Ayurve Facials & Skin Rejuvenation menu range includes , IPL Skin treatments, Crystal free Microdermabrasion, Micro needling with topical infusion, LED Light Therapy, Skin-tightening with RF, Medical grade Peels.

Prices range fr.$110-$300 per sessions. There are few areas covered under skin rejuvenation and are conducted by our qualified Skin Therapist’s in Ayurve Medispa Sydney CBD.

Our Skin Therapist’s  will determine  your skin type and address your skin concerns’s with the most suitable treatment. a skin analysis, face-map and skin scan can also be preformed for advanced skin needs. All Skin Consultations cost $20 which is redeemable against a product purchase on the day of your booking or it will be deducted from any future skin treatment booked on the day.

Facial Skin Treatments Available at Ayurve

  • Express Facials 30min
  • Radiance Facial 45min
  • Customised Facial 60min Dermalogica or Aspect
  • Customised Facial 75min Dermalogica (choose one add on)
  • Customised Facial 90min Dermalogica ( choose 2 add on’s)
  • Cusomised Facials Omveda (Herbal range)
  • Peels-Cosmedix, Aspect and Societe
  • Microdermabrasion, Facial Rejuvenation (RF), Micro-needling, LED
  • Facial Laser Rejuvenation, Acne, Pigmentation treatments

Dermalogica Facials Treatment Menu

FacialsNormal PriceNowSave%Book
Dermalogica Express Facial 30 min $65$65 0%
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Dermalogica Radiance Facial 45 min (includes Steaming OR Massage )$90$900%
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Dermalogica Customised Facial 60 min (includes Steaming & Massage)$120$1154%
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Dermalogica Customised Facials 75 min (includes one add on of your choice)$150$1406%
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Dermalogica Customised Facials 90 min (includes 2 add on's on your choice)$180$1658%
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Skin Consultation-20Min$30$2033%
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Firming Contour Mask 15min ADD ON $25$250
Book Now
Nourishing/Soothing Clinical Oatmeal Mask 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Peppermint Foot Scrub & Massage 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Neck & Shoulder Massage 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Bright-eyes Treatment 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Dermalogica Facials offers full range of skin treatments

Cosmeceutical Facials

Cosmeceutical FacialsNormal PriceNowSave%Book
Aspect Age Reverse Treatment 60min $130$120 12%
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Aspect Medi Detox Treatment (includes extractions) 60min$130$12012%
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Aspect Skin Brightening Facial 60min$130$12012%
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Societe/Aspect Oxygenating Facial 75min$159$1590%
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Skin Consultation-20min$30$2033%
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Aspect Customised Facial 60min*$130$12012%
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Society Oxygenating Express Facial 45min$110$9513%
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PCA Intensive Mask Add-on$250%
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Aspect Express Facial 30min$95$6513%
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Aspect and Societe Cosmeceutical Facials by Advanced Skin Technology. If you are not sure which facial is suitable please book for Customised Facial 60min

Microdermabrasion Price

Microdermabrasion TreatmentsPrice NowPrice RRPSave%Book Now
Skin Consultation$35$35
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Microdermabrasion 1 session$49.00 $99.0050%
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Microdermabrasion *Add on to any Facial $49.00$99.0050%
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Microdermabrasion+30min Aspect Facial$119$16930%
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Microdermabrasion+60min Facial$169$21923%
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Microdermabrasion - book a skin consultation prior doing any microdermabrasion treatment if you never had a treatment before specially if you skin tans easily or you are on medication.
Offer Ends 30 Sept 2018

Micro-Needling & Crystal free Microdermabrasion Pricelist

TreatmentNormal PriceSpecial Price$ Save
1x Micro Needling Session$300$15050%
1x Micro Needling +Microdermabrasion$399$19950%
1x LED Add on to any package$89$4945%
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**Micro Needling with Infusion or Micro Needling + Microdermabrasion Package Prices always available.
*Hydration Infusion (Hyaluronic Acid, Hyla sponge system)
*Lightening Infusion (Kojic Acid)
*Clarity Infusion ( Lactic and Salicylic acid)
*Rejuvenate Serum (anti aging pentapeptides)

Ayurvedic Omveda Herbal Facials

Ayurvedic Omveda FacialsTimeNormal PriceNowSave%BookBuy
24 Carat Gold Facial60min $125$110 12%
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Pure Silver Facial60min$125$11012%
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Pearl Facial60min$125$11012%
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Vegetable Peel Facial60min$125$11012%
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Skin Consultation-20min15min$30$2033%
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Customised Facial60min$125.00$11012%
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Ayurvedic Omveda Herbal Facials is derived from ancient indian organic herbs, blend with natural products like milk, eggs, cucumber if required.
* Choose Customised Facial if you are not sure which options suits you the best

Facials to suit your skin type ?

We at Ayurve Spa, specialize at customizing facials to suit your skin type, our facials are designed to enhance the look of your skin and make you feel good. If you have skin imbalance for a long period of time, then we have treatments to cure that as well. We dig deep into your skin and heal the innermost layers of skin to cure the imbalance.

Our Spa technicians use only best and advanced Dermalogica. For Australian climate the products of Dermalogica give best results for every skin type. It is more natural based product and contains no clogging mineral, lanolin oils, perfumes, or colors. They undertake a cutting edge skin care research on regular basis and launch optimal products from time to time.

If you are not happy with the results of the skin care products you use at your home, then visit us and consult with our skin care experts here. They will prescribe the accurate Dermalogica or Omveda home care products, which will give you astonishing results.

Wearing makeup and temporarily concealing your skin problems like pigmentation, dark spots, lines and wrinkles etc. will not help you in a way a facial can help you. It will deep cleanse your skin and do best to tighten your skin. Thus invest wisely in home care and Dermalogica facial and get your skin treated instead of concealing it.

Remember to discuss with our therapists when you book for a facial or consultation that you plan to start a home care regime, so that they will give you right advice and health tips to be followed at home.

Facial is basically a skin treatment that includes stem, exfoliation, cleansing, mask, toner, moisturizer and lotion. Facial treatments differ based upon the skin type, skin age and the time decided for the treatment, hence a consultation is recommended prior to fixing an appointment for the treatment especially if you have sensitive, dry, oily, or any other specific skin problem including Rosacea.

How to get your skin look the best with our  facial skin treatments?

At Ayurve Spa Sydney, we have a broad choice of facial spa treatments for both men and women. Using the only best skin care ranges such as Dermalogica, Aspect, and Omveda, we can treat all skin types and conditions successfully.

All facials are performed by certified skin therapists with a face consultation done of your skin, so we can really customise each area of the facial to suit your skin conditions exactly.

Wrinkles, lack-lustre skin, dull, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, sun damage and pre-maturely aging skin, just to name a few conditions that we have treated successfully at our spa. All facials are done in one of our private rooms on a beautiful heated bed, with soft music and sweet aromas filling the air. There are packages available if you want to combine your facial treatment with one of our body treatments.

Which Facial Treatment is suitable for my skin type ?

We can customise ASPECT , Dermalogica Facials or Ayurvedic Herbal Facials  to suit your skin type however if you are buying a facial for someone else please choose our standard  Customised Facials only. Book Consultation

Definitions of our standard Dermalogica customised facials ?

Express Radiance Facial 35 minutes ( Dermalogica)

Perfect facial if you’re in a hurry or just need a quick lunchtime pick me up. Cleanse, Exfoliation, Customised masque, based on your skin type Moisturiser and Sunscreen. (facials includes change time, skin analysis, it is recommended to arrive 10 minutes prior treatment time). If you have allergies please advise prior booking.

Customised Facial 60 minutes ( Dermalogica)

For a more deep relaxation choose our 60 minute customised facial that has it all. Specialised cleanse, 2nd Cleanse ( optional) , Exfoliation, Extractions ( if required ) Steaming, Relaxing facial and neck massage, Specialised masque, Scalp massage, Eye cream, Moisturiser and Spf 30+. Absolute indulgence leaving your skin with a beautiful bright and fresh glow. (facials includes change time, skin analysis, it is recommended to arrive 10 minutes prior treatment time)

Customised Facial 75 minutes ( Dermalogica)

If you want to add a further bit of indulgence to your 60 minute customised facial then the 75 minute is the choice for you!! With all the same blissful steps as your 60 minute facial, you get to choose a specialised 15 minute add-on. (see below ‘add on’ list) (facials includes change time, skin analysis, it is recommended to arrive 10minutes prior treatment time)

Customised Facial 90 minutes (Dermalogica)

If you’re wanting a little bit of everything indulgent, choose the complete package with this 90 minute customised facial. With the same standard steps as your 60 minute treatment, just add on 2 of our Add-on therapies below, to make this the absolute complete indulgence treatment covering all areas of relaxation.

+ Add on Therapies – price already included in 75 or 90 min Facials (only applies to Dermalogica)

+add on Facial contour firming mask – An infusing rubber like mask that allows deeper penetration of the beautiful nourishing serums and creams applied under the mask, with the added benefit of a tightening and hydrating effect.

+add on Facial clinical colloidal oatmeal mask – Excellent for dry/dehydrated sensitive  skin, helps to soothe and calm inflammation as well as hydrating and reducing redness

+add on Relaxing back and shoulder massage – Warm sweet almond oil is applied to the neck and shoulders to ease the muscle tension by massage and hot towels.

+add on Bright eye treatment – A rice bran based exfoliant, gentle enough to use around the eyes, will help to softly remove dead skin and brighten the eye area, followed by an eye masque to hydrate and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

+add on Peppermint foot spa – Relax your feet into a warm bath of water while the therapist exfoliates with an organic sugar scrub, then massages a peppermint foot balm into the skin. – An infusing rubber like mask that allows deeper penetration of the beautiful nourishing serums and creams applied under the mask, with the added benefit of a tightening and hydrating effect

Book a consultation or Facial

NOTE: Men need to shave 24hours prior to getting a facial.

1. Facial Skin Treatments by Brands

There are different types of skin treatments by using Cosmeceutical Facials or Medi Peels to suite different skin types.
Aspect & Societe Advanced Facials
Dermalogica Facials
Omveda Herbal Facials
Cosmedix Society and Aspect Medi Peels

Book a Consultation for Any customised Facial or skin treatment to get the most suitable programme for your skin’s needs

2. Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening with RF or Rejuvenation with Dermafrac System ( Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling with Infusion,  LED Light Therapy)

3. Skin Care Products – List

Products used by Ayurve are -Aspect Skin Care, Cosmedix Peels,  Dermalogica Skin Care, Omveda Ayurvedic Skin Care

Facial Skin Conditions & Treatments

1.Acne Treatments

Teenager Acne, Men’s acne, Adult acne
Effective acne treatments

2. Premature Aging Skin

Premature Aging Skin – Can it be reversed ? – Best Anti-Aging Treatments

3. Rosacea Skin Condition

What you need to know about Rosacea

4. Pigmentation Skin Conditions

IPL Pigmentation Treatments
How to treat Hyperpigmentation

5. Dehydrated Skin

What is the difference between dry skin or dehydrated skin ? Blog

6. Sensitive Skin

7. Oily Skin

Learn more about our beauty blogs on Facial Rejuvenation – The latest Trends

Facial Rejuvenation Surgical and Non-Surgical

Facial Skin Rejuvenation – Ayurve Medi Spa


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Oct 28, 2014
by Karina Bujnowicz on Facials
Incredible Experience

I am absolutely in love with Ayurve facials. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated and the effects are instant.

The beauticians are so lovely and create a wonderful experience.

This is definitely my place for pampering and monthly facials!