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Aspect Facials ( Medical Grade) – Welcome to Ayurve Skin Care Clinic for Advanced Skin Technology & Medi Spa facial treatments. At Ayurve laser clinic in Sydney you can consult your experienced beauticians/aesthetician prior any treatments. Ayurve has been in business since 2001 and currently employs 12-15 staff at any time in Sydney CBD location.

  • Cosmeceutical Medi – Detox Treatment before & after pics at Ayurve
  • Cosmeceutical Oxygen Facial before & after pics at Ayurve
  • Cosmeceutical Skin Brightening Treatment before & after pics at Ayurve
  • Cosmeceutical Age Reverse Treatment before & after pics at Ayurve

Aspect, Cosmedix and Societe Facials

Why Aspect™ Skin Care

Aspect™ Cosmeceuticals are free of:

  • SLS
  • Parabens or harsh preservative systems.
  • Mineral oil & petrolatum.
  • Propylene Glycol.
  • Formaldehyde releasing agents.
  • Artificial fragrances.
  • Artificial colours.
  • Are never tested on animals.
  • Are produced using exclusive “cool processing” technology.

Aspect™ Cosmeceuticals contains:

  • Chirally corrected actives in the highest of concentrations.
  • Certified organic” ingredients wherever possible. (Pesticide free).
  • The most advanced “clinically proven” specialty actives sourced from the world’s most respected advanced pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies.
  • In-clinic performance evaluation of each formula to ensure effectiveness.
  • All fragranced ingredients are pure essential oils chosen specifically for their beneficial effect.

Facial treatments for the following skin Conditions

  • All skin types
  • Sun damage
  • Environmental damage
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity
  • Signs of dermal ageing

Cosmeceutical Facials

Cosmeceutical FacialsNormal PriceNowSave%Book
Aspect Age Reverse Treatment 60min $130$120 12%
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Aspect Medi Detox Treatment (includes extractions) 60min$130$12012%
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Aspect Skin Brightening Facial 60min$130$12012%
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Societe/Aspect Oxygenating Facial (super cleansing/brightening, includes extractions) 75min$159$1590%
Book Now
Skin Consultation-20min$30$2033%
Book Now
Aspect Customised Facial 60min*$130$12012%
Book Now
Societe Oxygenating Express Facial (super cleansing/brightening) 45min$110$9513%
Book Now
Intensive Mask Add-on (pumpkin peel or papaya rejuvenation)$250%
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Aspect Express Facial 30min$95$6513%
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Aspect and Societe Cosmeceutical Facials by Advanced Skin Technology. If you are not sure which facial is suitable please book for Customised Facial 60min

Aspect Age Reverse Treatment

Aspect Benefits:

Aspect has included some very special ingredients including:

  • Syn®-Ake (Winner of the Swiss Technology Award): To dramatically reduce the appearance of deep expression lines
  • Syn®-Coll (Also known as Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5):To rebuild the appearance of slackened skin texture, firm contours and lines
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (“Stable” Lipid Soluble Vitamin C ester) : To dramatically repair the look and feel of environmentally damaged skin and cosmetically compensate for the visible decline in skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity

Aspect Medi – Detox Treatment

Aspect Benefits:

  • A cleaner, clearer, less shiny, healthier looking skin
  • Smaller looking pores
  • Fewer visible imperfections
  • Delivers a calmer, less angry complexion
  • Will not dry or upset the skin’s natural balance
  • Revolutionary ingredient Stay-C 50 reduces the appearance of imperfections
  • Acai, Andiroba and Copaiba Balsam from the Amazonian rainforest improve the look of unsightly imperfections, unclog pores and regulate the look of excess oiliness
  • Contains no harsh and potentially skin damaging chemicals

Aspect Skin Brightening Treatment

Aspect Benefits:

  • Diminish the visible appearance of age spots and pigmentation
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Calm and tone down the look of facial redness
  • Remarkable non-irritating botanical for clearer, even-toned

Aspect Oxygen Facial 

New SOCIETE Oxygen Treatment

NEW Oxygen treatment is the ideal skin treatment to treat all skin types, it is especially good for those who suffer from dull, lifeless skin, Congested or are prone to acne and regular breakouts.

Why Oxygen facial?

Oxygen treatment in the field skin care has advanced through the years, Stable  Oxygen used in skin care increases cell metabolism, it’s helps cleanse the pores and follicles form toxins giving instant brightening effect on the skin, and also helps to kill Bacteria. Increasing blood flow and circular to the treated area, promote healing form post-surgery or skin enhancements, prepares your skin for further treatments and peel.

This is the prefect picks me up skin treatment for pre event, wedding and just for the weekend.

Which Skin Types ?
Suitable for all skin types.

Aspect Facial Add ons

Microdermabrasion Price

Microdermabrasion TreatmentsPrice NowPrice RRPSave%Book Now
Skin Consultation$35$35
Book Now
Microdermabrasion 1 session$49.00 $99.0050%
Book Now
Microdermabrasion *Add on to any Facial$49.00$99.0050%
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Microdermabrasion+30min Aspect Facial$119$16930%
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Microdermabrasion+60min Facial$169$21923%
Book Now
Microdermabrasion - book a skin consultation prior doing any microdermabrasion treatment if you never had a treatment before specially if you skin tans easily or you are on medication.
Offer Ends 30 Sept 2018

FAQs for Aspect Cosmeceutical Facials

What is the difference between a normal spa facial and a cosmeceutical facial?

At Ayurve Skin Clinic we use a Medical Grade skincare called Cosmedix and Aspect. These products are a lot more active and concentrated then your standard beauty product. If you want to actually bring about change and alter the structure of your skin then we highly recommend choosing cosmeceutical facial as your skin care treatment, if you are already happy with your skin and maintaining this then go for your standard facial. You will be educated at the end of your treatment on what you should be using, and provided with appropriate products for treating the skin at home, resulting in lasting change of the skin.

Are all skin types suited for Cosmeceutical Facials?

Yes, all skin types will suit. Our products contain no chemicals, no sulfates, no fragrances , no parabens, no formaldehyde or artificial colours. There is much scientific research that goes into our ingredients that provide safe and effective products to suit all skins.

Are Aspect facials relaxing?

Yes you will still be pampered but with the added benefit of effectively treating the skin conditions that are your major concerns.

Why are these Cosmeceutical facials so effective?

For starters your using a product that contains chirally corrected ingredients where needed, which basically means that you are receiving the purest form of an ingredient that can not cause irritation to the skin. The ingredients are delivered deeper and more thoroughly into the skin as the products do not contain fillers, but all active ingredients, making for faster and less irritating absorption. It gives you instant, lasting results provided that you follow through with appropriate homecare. Aspect and Cosmedix do not put anything in the product unless it will provide benefits to the skin.

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