Micro-Needling  with Dermafrac™

Micro-Needling with Dermafrac uses a roller of super fine needles of .25mm to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, helping to firm, plump and smooth the skin. It is the latest innovative technology that is great for people that want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, mild acne scarring, pigmentation and dehydration.  

The Dermafrac system simultaneously enables the infusion of a potent serum to boost the treatment. The roller is gently pushed along the skin, it has a slight vacuum suction that brings the skin up allowing the dermal roller to pierce the skin with tiny micro needles, creating micro channels. The channels created act as pathways for the delivery of the serums to the all important upper dermis.

Micro-Needling & Crystal free Microdermabrasion Pricelist

TreatmentNormal PriceSpecial Price$ Save
1x Micro Needling Session$300$15050%
1x Micro Needling +Microdermabrasion$399$19950%
1x LED Add on to any package$89$4945%
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**Micro Needling with Infusion or Micro Needling + Microdermabrasion Package Prices always available.
*Hydration Infusion (Hyaluronic Acid, Hyla sponge system)
*Lightening Infusion (Kojic Acid)
*Clarity Infusion ( Lactic and Salicylic acid)
*Rejuvenate Serum (anti aging pentapeptides)

Does Dermafrac micro-needling work ?

Yes, in fact in it more effective than fractional laser or chemical peel treatments, DermaFrac offers  simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain-free, no down time treatment that can be administered by aesthetician without anesthesia and at significantly lower cost.

Who can have Dermafrac micro-needling?

The depth of the needles have been carefully selected so that the channels are created just below the dermal-epidermal (DE) junction and just above the capillaries and nerve endings. This ensures no pain or bleeding – a definite perk for those with sensitive skin, Our Micro skin needling is used to correct trauma to the skin, it has rejuvenation features as your collagen and elastin is stimulated, so with the infusion of serums as well as the needling, the benefits are far more advanced, receiving two treatments in one sitting.

There are serums to treat certain skin conditions such as:-

Anti-Age: A  super cocktail of peptides to stimulate collagen and fibroblasts for aging.

Hydration: Infusing high % of hyaluronic acid into the skin.

Lightening/Pigmentation:  Kojic acid is used to even out and pigmentation and brighten

Growth Factor: Capable of stimulating cellular growth, healing and cellular differentiation.

Clarity: Salicylic acid opens pores and neutralizes bacteria in the pores, and lactic acid exfoliates the other layer of the skin increasing collagen production to minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Rejuvenate this serum has five active ingredients that stimulate fibroblast and collagen production.

Who should Not Have Micro-Needling ?

People with Diabetes, Epilepsy, Skin Disorders, Open or broken skin, Active pustular acne,  Post surgery, post cosmetic Surgery, or those taking any form blood thinning medications!

Contraindicated to people with Rosacea, Asthma, Hay fever, Allergies, medication associated with photo-sensitivity, Fitzpatrick 111 + may need to be pre prepped on lightening treatment ( Aspect Pigment Punch or Cosmedix Simply Brilliant for 2 weeks prior to first needling treatment to avoid post inflammatory pigmentation >PIP)

How many treatments needed?

After you receive a full skin consultation with your skin specialist, he/she will decide on the treatment plan. They generally come in pack of 3 OR 6 sessions. Depending on your concerns and skin condition you will be advise on how many treatments you need.
Take dermal infusion to a level unprecedented with the DermaFrac™ system that combines several proven modalities. Customize & combine microdermabrasion, micro-channeling with simultaneous infusion of high grade serums and LED therapy for optimum results.

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