Skin Treatments – Facials

Skin Treatments – all our Facial treatments will be selected based on skin type and skin care that will suite individuals. We can customise our facial packages based on products and individuals skin condition.
It is recommended to have a skin consultation and analysis prior any skin treatment.


How to apply moisturiser-Ayurve SpaFacial Skin Treatments Menu

All our facials can be customized to suite your skin type and budget. Book a skin consultation with our skin technician to find out which skin care will be more suitable. We offer Aspect, Cosmedix, Dermalogica, Omveda ( Ayurvedic) Skin Cares.

Cosmeceutical Facials

Cosmeceutical FacialsNormal PriceNowSave%Book
Aspect Age Reverse Treatment 60min $130$120 12%
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Aspect Medi Detox Treatment (includes extractions) 60min$130$12012%
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Aspect Skin Brightening Facial 60min$130$12012%
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Societe/Aspect Oxygenating Facial (super cleansing/brightening, includes extractions) 75min$159$1590%
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Skin Consultation-20min$30$2033%
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Aspect Customised Facial 60min*$130$12012%
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Societe Oxygenating Express Facial (super cleansing/brightening) 45min$110$9513%
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Intensive Mask Add-on (pumpkin peel or papaya rejuvenation) $250%
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Aspect Express Facial 30min$95$6513%
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Aspect and Societe Cosmeceutical Facials by Advanced Skin Technology. If you are not sure which facial is suitable please book for Customised Facial 60min

Dermalogica Facials Treatment Menu

FacialsNormal PriceNowSave%Book
Dermalogica Express Facial 30 min $65$65 0%
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Dermalogica Radiance Facial 45 min (includes Steaming OR Massage )$90$900%
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Dermalogica Customised Facial 60 min (includes Steaming & Massage)$120$1154%
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Dermalogica Customised Facials 75 min (includes one add on of your choice)$150$1406%
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Dermalogica Customised Facials 90 min (includes 2 add on's on your choice)$180$1658%
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Skin Consultation-20Min$30$2033%
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Firming Contour Mask 15min ADD ON $25$250
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Hand Paraffin Mask 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Peppermint Foot Scrub & Massage 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Neck & Shoulder Massage 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Foot Paraffin Mask 15min ADD ON$25$250
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Dermalogica Facials offers full range of skin treatments

Medi Peels Treatments

Skin Treatment, Peels and Cosmeceutical facials, book a consultation first if you are not sure which peel is suitable for your skin.
Book your Peel & receive 20% off any Recommended Retail Products purchased on the same day as your peel, Save an additional 10- 15% on selected peels for Pre Paid Series of 3 (all Series packages are non refundable and have a expiry of 4 months from purchase date)

Offer Valid until 31 July 2017
Medi Pee-Face TreatmentsSingle Price ($) NowPre Paid Series of 3 Price ($)Discount %
Skin Consultation$20$200%
Cosmedix Blueberry Peel$100$27010%
Aspect Lacto Botanical Peel$120$32410%
Aspect Jungle Salycilic Peel$120$32410%
Aspect Pigment Punch Peel$120$30615%
Cosmedix Benefit Peel$150$382.5015%
Cosmedix Timeless Peel-$220$59410%
Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel$120$30615%
Societe Acai Berry peel with Probiotic's$130$331.5015%
Cosmedix Age Deception Peel$150$382.5015%
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Skin Consultation & Analysis| 10-20minutes $20.00


  • Do you have concerns that you want to address and improve?
  • Not sure where to begin with skin treatments?
  • Do you want move into something stronger that packs a punch and gives you visible results?
  • Is your current skin care regime just not giving you want you need anymore!

Come and visit our experienced, certified skin therapist for in depth skin consult and analysis. Get the answers you need or the facial treatment plan you desire to change your skin forever! ( redeemable towards any retail purchase or your first skin treatment or package purchase)

 Express Facial | 30 minutes $65.00



A quick and effective facial treatment for those of you in a hurry!!  Facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and customised masque to suit your skins needs. While the masque is on you will receive a beautiful deep scalp massage, still providing relaxation even though it’s a short visit.

Radiance Facial | 45 minutes $90.00

Simliar to the ExPress with the additional choice of Steaming OR  Neck/shoulder massage. A quick and effective facial treatment for those of you in a hurry!!  Facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and customised masque to suit your skins needs. While the masque is on you will receive a beautiful deep scalp massage, still providing relaxation even though it’s a short visit.

Dermalogica or Aspect Customised Facial | 60 minutes $115.00/$120.00

Begin by receiving a hot towel foot compress to instantly relax and prepare you for your facial. Your treatment starts with a skin analysis allowing your therapist to move forward with the appropriate products to suit your skin. A deep cleanse and thorough exfoliation will then buff and polish the skin assisting with the removal of pigmentation and oil build up. A facial and neck massage will then relax the muscles and ease the tension. A customised masque using highly concentrated ingredients will then feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to suit your skins condition. Finish with an application of hydrating moisturiser with a Spf to protect you as soon as you walk out that door. All Products used for this facial treatment could vary depending on which skin care is used.

 Dermalogica Customised Facial | 75 minutes $140.00 (includes 1 add on)

A hot towel foot compress to begin instantly relaxing your tired old feet. A facial then consisting of a deep cleanse and exfoliation thoroughly removing any excess oil and dead skin build up. A facial massage including the neck will relieve the muscles of the face taking away the tension and stimulating the blood circulation underneath. A masque will then be applied using highly concentrated ingredients treating the main concerns and providing optimal results. A moisturiser and Spf 30+ will then be applied to provide maximum hydration and protection from the sun, so you can be confident you will be protected as soon as you leave after your facial treatment.  Please select from the add-on list below one add-on to have done with your facial.

Dermalogica Customised Facial | 90 minutes $165.00 (includes 2 add on’s)

The ultimate in any of our facial treatment’s. This 90 minute skin treatment consist of your standard 60 minute customised facial with 2 of your selected add-ons from the list below. A perfect combination of deep relaxation and skin therapy.

All our facials see you leaving with spf30+ application to combat the Australian sun.

15minutes Add On’s with Dermalogica Facial’s $25.00 each

  • Additional Specialized Oatmeal Masque in Facial
  • Additional Specialized Contour firming Masque in Facial
  • Bright Eyes Intensive Treatment in Facial
  • Peppermint foot scrub and Massage
  • Pickme up Neck Shoulder Massage

Other facial rejuvenation and skin treatment options are:

  1. Facial Rejuvenation & Treatments
  2.  Microdermabrasion
  3.  Micro Skin Needling with Infusion
  4.  LED Light Therapy
  5.  RF Face & Body Skin Tightening
  6.  Peels & Aspect Facials