Laser Skin Treatments & Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Treatments for Men and Women at Ayurve Laser Skin Clinic. We use the latest GentleMax Pro Laser for our laser Skin Treatments

Laser Skin Treatments AntiAging/ Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Treatments AntiAging/ Rejuvenation
Individual Prices, Package Prices available please contact Reception for more details, Package Discounts 10%-40%
Laser AntiAging/RejuvenationPrice 3 Pack Offer
1/2 Face Aging/Rejuvenation
110.00Contact us for more info Special Price
Full Face Aging/Rejuvenation
220.00Contact us for more info special price
Laser Aging/Rejuvention Consultation
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Laser Skin treatments - Pigmentation

LASER skin treatments Pigmentation Rejuvenation
Individual Prices, Package Prices available please contact Reception for more details, Package Discounts 10%-40%
Laser Pigmenation RejuvenationPrice3 Pack Offer $
Face Laser Pigment/Age Spots220.00Call Ayurve for Special Deals
Spot Treatment Laser Pigmentation /Age Spots85.00
1/2 Face Laser Pigmentation110.00
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Laser Skin treatments - Acne Rejuvenation

Laser skin treatments Acne Rejuvenation for different acne skin types.
LASER Acne RejuvenationPrice 3 Pack Offer $
1/2Face Laser Acne Rejuvenation110.00Contact us for more info and special deals
Full Face Laser Acne/Rejuvenation220.00Contact us for more info and special deals
Full Face/Neck/Decolletage260.00Contact us for more info and special deals
LASER SKIN Consultation35.00
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Laser skin treatments - Diffuse Redness

Laser skin treatments Redness Diffuse, contact Ayurve laser clinic for a consult.
Redness Diffuse Price3 Pack Offer $
110.00Contact us for more info and special deals
Decolletage Laser Redness Diffusion

Full face Laser Redness Diffusion

Consultation Redness Diffusion$35.00
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Laser Skin Treatments - Vascular Rejuvenation

Laser skin treatments Vascular Rejuvenation
Vascular RejuvenationSingle Price $3 Pack Offer $
120.00Contact us for more info
1/2 Face Laser Vascular110.00
Full Face & Neck Laser Vascular269.00
Full Face, Neck & Decolletage Laser Vascular330.00
Spot Treatment Laser Vascular85.00
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Laser Skin Treatments for everyone and every condition

Trust GentleMax Pro to remove unwanted hair as well as Sun and age spots, small facial veins. We can gentle rejuvenate the skin, stimulating Collagen and elastin, difussing redness, strengthen the vessels in reactive and Rosacea skin, In Grade 1or 2 Acne skin we aim to reduce superficial scarring and Oil production and heal and soothe existing breakouts and inflammation.

GentleMax Pro is your advanced skin care fix with minimum treatments and minimum down time.  GentleMax Pro uses Laser technology to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted area with proven and effective results

What Can I expect during a Laser treatment?

Treatment will take place our Laser room. Our Trained and certified Laser Therapists will use a small handpiece to deliver each Laser pulse. A treatment could take a s little as a few minutes to as long as 30minutes depending on the treatment area and the condition being treated.

Does Laser skin Treatment Hurt?

Some Clients may feel a slight discomfort with each Laser pulse, sometimes it can be described like snapping a rubber band on the skin.  The discomfort resolves quickly and can minimized by the patent Dynamic Cooling Device(DCD) for some types of Skin treatments.

How Many treatments will I need?

The number of treatment session will treatment you require and the condition of your Skin. Multiple Treatments may be required for severe skin conditions or some minor skin conditions may clear up in only 1-3 treatments.

How do I prepare for the treatment?

If you have a history of Herpes Simplex virus, prophylactic antiviral therapy may be prescribed.

Skin must be clean shaven if needed 12-24 Hours prior to the treatment, no makeup, creams, oils, topical anesthetics or self-tanning products before laser treatment. Do not expose the intended area of treatment area to sunlight or tanning booth light prior to or immediately after treatment, Longer time of un exposure maybe required for certain skin treatments. Apply Spf 50 after treatments and on the following days other topical Products maybe recommended to boost your skin recovery and desired results.

What Can I expect after the Treatment?

A cool compress or gel pack may be applied for comfort after the treatment. Any Redness or swelling should resolve within a few hours if after care if followed.

What precautions Should I take after my laser skin treatment?

After your Laser treatment, prevent sun exposure by applying sunblock spf 50. In the first few days after treatment, don’t scrub or rinse the treated area with abrasive skin cleansers. Your Therapist may advise additional Precautions.

Are there any side effects for laser skin treatments?

Permanent side effects are rare and may include redness, swelling, hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, blistering and purpura (a laser bruise) in the treatment area, these usually don’t last for more than a few days. Your Laser Therapist may recommend additional home-care as ongoing treatment to avoid some of these  side effects from occurring.

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Laser Vs IPL - Ayurve Laser Skin Clinic

If you’ve been looking at treatment options for Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation then you may have come across both Laser Hair Removal and IPL and may be wondering what the difference is. In short, laser hair removal is safer, more effective, and the only way hair removal and skin Rejuvenation should ever be performed.

Intense Pulsed Light – Not so Intense… … IPL is a cheaper, less effective technology for reducing body hair and treating skin Lasers are far more precise and can selectively target dark, coarse hair and specific targets when treated skin conditions like Age spots, Sun damage, and vascular legions while leaving the surrounding areas undamaged. Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and can treat several hairs at a time or directly target Pigment, Vascular, while also giving the benefits of strengthening the skin and stimulating fibroblast activity, and reducing inflammation. Therefore, it is one top chosen treatments for overall skin rejuvenation.

Both Laser and IPL have been available commercially since the mid 90’s yet are distinctly different. The issue here is that many clinics that claim to provide Lasers, when in fact they only use IPL. We aim to give our Clients the best and safest treatments with Trained and certified Therapist’s, this is why Laser is our Chosen modality when it comes to Hair removal and advanced skin treatments. Its comes with less risk and doesn’t affect other surrounding tissues. Giving the most effective and targeted treatment on the Market.

Laser Skin Treatments - Ayurve Laser Skin Clinic