At Ayurve Day Spa Sydney, we offer a variety of treatments that will aid in the prevention or relief of such body concerns. With a combination of different techniques, we can ease any tension caused by poor posture, repetitive muscle strain, sports injury, muscular tension.

At Ayurve Spa, all our therapists will provide professionalism and quality service each time you visit. Whilst maintaining a high level of hygiene, you can be assured that your treatment will be performed in a private room, with sweet aromas filling the air, gentle relaxing music lightly playing in the background, warm beds to relax on and a variety of Massage oils best suited for the type of massage you choose to have.

 Massage Ayurve Spa SydneyOur aim at Ayurve is to provide you with a choice of rejuvenating body therapies that can assist you with all your major concerns, whilst maintain a level of high quality and professionalism. Additionally, we provide you smart discounts and offers on our Spa body therapy packages from time to time.

Massage Treatments  in Sydney CBD for Male and Females:-

For couples day spa pampering and massages check out our couple packages or visit our day spa packages.

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Note: All Treatments include Changing time, any delays will run into your treatment time. Always Arrive 10/15 minutes prior to treatment time, all our massages are conducted by female therapists only.

Spa Etiquettes:

  • Clothing – We request you to leave your underwear on during treatments, if needed we can provide with disposable underwear if you do not wish to wear you own or protect them from oils/products.
  • Health – Please advise the therapist (at the time of booking) of any health conditions you may have including pregnancy, cold & flu, back problems, tinea, cancer etc.You may be required to provide medical certificates for serious conditions such as cancer.
  • Arrival – Please arrive 10/15 minutes prior to the start time,to allow completion of  forms and for change time.
  • Parking – Parking may be available in QVB or secure car parks on Clarence, York, Kent Street Sydney.
  • Booking – A credit card is required to secure the booking.
  • Cancellation Fee – 100% applied if cancelled, late, or last minute.
  • Ayurve  is a day spa is for professional massage therapy for Men & Women.
  • we do not offer Massage or Body treatments for anyone under the age of 17 years old.

Relaxing Back and Scalp Massage (Swedish oil Massage)

This relaxing massage is perfect for a quick ‘pick me up’ during your lunch break or after work.

The treatment provides 30 or 45 minutes back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage that leaves you feeling refreshed and less stressed.For specific concerns or deeper tissue massages, please choose either a remedial or ayurvedic massage.

Ayurve Signature Massage (Swedish oil Massage)

This unique signature massage uses hot towel compresses throughout this treatment in order to deepen relaxation. The treatment uses your choice of essential oil blends and concentrates on areas renowned for holding tension – back, scalp, feet and hands.

We use a combination of invigorating and relaxing techniques to allow your entire body and mind to return to equilibrium.
For specific concerns or deeper tissue massages, please choose either a remedial or Ayurvedic massage

Relaxing full body Massage (Swedish Oil Massage)

Swedish massage is a relaxation technique aiming to improve oxygen flow in the blood and release the toxins built up in the muscle. Swedish consists of 3 main types of movements effleurage ( long gliding strokes), kneading of muscles, and friction to stimulate blood and help remove knots in the muscle. Sweet almond oil infused with Aromatherapy oils and preferred pressure is applied to achieve these results through Swedish massage.

Couples Relaxing full body Massage (Swedish oil Massage)

This treatment begins with a hot towel compress on your feet, continues with a tailored massage using relaxing warmed oils. The most Swedish massage is the most common type of massage that aims to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. The five common movements are: effleurage (for relaxation and warming of the muscles), kneading of individual muscles, friction, hacking and vibration. For specific concerns or deeper tissue, please choose either a remedial or Ayurvedic, Couples check our day spa packages.

Remedial Massage (deep tissue)

Remedial  ( Deep tissue) is a type of massage that’s main purpose is to assist in the relief and recovery of tense and stressed muscles either due to injury or general body wear and tear. Remedial massage is not intended to be relaxing as the pressure applied is quite strong and the stretching of the muscles sometimes can be a little sore as the tension and stress is released.

At Ayurve Spa we have qualified remedial therapists that can assist you with this treatment and any concerns you may have regarding general health and benefits of remedial.

  • Health fund rebate may be available on selected days only (Check prior booking)

Some long term health benefits of remedial massage are:

  • Relief of aches and pains
  • General circulation is improved
  • Can assist in relief of frozen shoulder
  • Improvement in joint mobility
  • Migraines and headaches reduced
  • Posture correction and maintenance
  • Improvement in stiff neck
  • Improved alertness
  • Help with insomnia
  • Improve symptoms in asthmatics
  • And many more…

Himalayan Stone Massage

Exclusive to Ayurve.

Himalayan Salt stone massage is a full body massage incorporating carved Himalayan salt stones and ayurvedic marma points. It is designed to  promote relaxation, revitalize the body, balance the subtle energies of the body, mind and spirit to promote health and well being.  The stones are either heated or left at room temperature depending on your ayurvedic dosha. The therapist will check with you your tolerance & preference to make sure you are comfortable with the heat or cold

 Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a type of massage that is light and relaxing, using essential oils as a way to assist with relaxation and emotional related concerns. At Ayurve Spa we have 3 main concerns which we address with aromatherapy massage – Energising, De-stressing and Relaxation. Using a concentrated blend of essential oils in a base of sweet almond oil, the absorption and inhalation of these oils will provide relief, stimulation or relaxation, depending on what is needed at time of massage.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic Therapeutic massage is the indian style deep pressure and marma point massage.All Ayurvedic treatments includes the sue of Black Sesame oil or Virgin coconut oils depending on your Dosha….We also have an Aromatherapy style which incorporate the use of the Vata, Pitta or Kapha oil blends meeting your individual needs.

Massages Treatment Types in Sydney

Massage has been around for centuries and was considered a luxury, but now everyone can have a a pampering session . It are now available in different forms and types and for different areas of the body, like back, head, just shoulder and arms, foot. It is always best when it is done using hands but you can use fingers, elbows, feet and knees to manipulate muscles and increase the circulation, focus on joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. It can be dry  just using hands or using oil to improve friction and moisturising the skin at the same time.

Every country has different stys, the most common ones are Swedish, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic (Ayurvedic, Shirodhara), Deep Tissue, Relaxing, Pregnancy, Head, Foot, Remedial, Chinese Style, Thai and Korean Style.

Relaxing  Vs Therapeutic Treatments

Relaxing is deemed to be more pampering effleurage with warm oil, its all about the ambience, mood, aroma and lighting, alleviate pain and the mind enters into sleep. The technique used is slow motion and kneading the muscle without a lot of pressure. The most common relaxing treatments are Swedish, Aromatherapy. These massages are suitable for anyone who wants to relax, men or women or couples together in the same room.

On the other hand therapeutic are more firmer, deeper focus on the muscle, pressure is applied on the areas that needs the most attention. It starts with effleurage but after first step more deeper pressure applied and focus on each muscle starting from the foot. Usually it is recommended to drink lots of water before and after the massage, to move the toxins out of the system

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