Massage Therapy

Massages are nice and they give you a therapeutic feeling that is hard to duplicate. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a stressful day, massage therapy works wonders. With a Massage in Sydney you can take advantages of the many benefits that are a result and they range from rehabbing a body part to a feeling better physically. It has also been linked to fighting off colds and other sicknesses.

Massage Therapy-Ayurve Spa

Massage Therapy-Ayurve Spa

There are several benefits, but applying massages is not as simple as applying pressure and gently soothing the area that is in question. It’s an art, a science that takes meticulous planning and work. We at Ayurve offer different types of massages that work throughout the body.


Back and Scalp Massage

– This provides a good pick up for the day. Usually a very fast massage package it packs a punch and has long-lasting effects.


Swedish Massage

– One of the most popular massage packages today, this massage begins with a hot towel compress and follows with a lathering of warm oils. This massage helps increase the flow of oxygen in the blood and it releases toxins from the muscles.


Ayurve Signature Massage

– This massage concentrates on the areas that have much tension: the back, scalp, hands, and feet. Releasing the tension in these areas bodes well for your body and prevents minute pain and soreness.

Of course we offer several types of massages, but these are just a start. Ayurveda Massage Treatments provide comfort beyond words. Our highly trained massage therapists work for you to help you achieve an ever-lasting result. These work well as gifts or even as a couples package.

Whatever the case may be there is plenty of reason to enjoy a massage.