Pregnancy Massage, Sydney CBD City

Pregnancy Massages – Bringing a new life into the world is a special experience. Although it is an exciting 9 months, it can be challenging and stressful on the body.

At Ayurve Spa we have designed specific pregnancy massages that assist in the relief of body aches and pains whilst keeping the massage perfectly safe and relaxing.

Pregnancy Massage Price

Day Spa TreatmentsTimeMassage CostBookMassagesBuy Massages
Pregnancy Massage75 minutes$130.00
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Pregnancy Massage60 minutes$115.00
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Relaxing Back & Scalp Massage45 minutes$85.00
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Relaxing Back & Scalp Massage30 minutes$60.00
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We also offer relaxing massage pre and post pregnancy with our special pregnancy massage bed, recommended 4months to 8months

Pregnancy massages - Ayurve Spa SydneyWhy Ayurve Special Pregnancy Massage?

Our  unique maternity massage tables are designed with a pregnancy mattress, that allows your bump to fit comfortably while lying on your stomach. All our treatments are done by qualified pregnancy massage therapists only.

How safe is Pregnancy Massage ?

Pregnancy massage at Sydney day spa

All massages are done in the privacy of your own room, a warm sweet almond oil is massaged deep into each area of the body, easing the tension and stretching out the muscle. Giving instant relief, making it easier and more comfortable for you to enjoy your pregnancy, without the strain it can put on the body.

NOTE: Please be aware that we cannot massage if you are still in your first trimester ( up to 12 weeks ), once you are over 3-9 months you can have a pregnancy/maternity massage, please consult your doctor if you had any health complications during fertility or pre-natal.

All Pregnancy massages are to relax and improve circulation, if you have severe pain or muscle aches please consult your gynecologist or doctor prior any treatment.

Best Pregnancy Day Spa Massage 2 Options Available:

Relaxing Pregnancy Massage: 60 minutes 

Relaxing Pregnancy Massage: 75 minutes 

This pregnancy massage treatment begins with a hot towel compress of the feet, instantly relaxing the body. As you lay face down, your little bump is perfectly positioned in the hole on the mattress you lay on. Each area is massaged, paying particular attention to the legs and the lower back, 2 areas that carry a lot of strain throughout the 9 months.

You will then be rolled onto your back were you will have support placed under the knees, taking pressure of the back, and slowly massaged right up to where you will finish with a deep relaxing scalp massage. Not only will you benefit from the massage but the little one your carrying will also benefit from the relaxation – stress free mumma – stress free bubba.

Finish your treatment with a warm glass of rose tea.

Pregnancy Day Spa Packages

For Pregnancy Day Spa Packages choose any and we will customise them for you.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas/Moms Treatment of Choice

A great option to give as a gift at a baby shower, or for the birth of new baby or mothers day gift ideas – a sweet, thoughtful present that the new baby mum will appreciate greatly. Any treatment from our treatment list can be customised to suit their needs.


Pregnancy Day Spa Treatments

All our day spa treatments can incorporate prenatal massage with couples pampering and other day spa treatments that are suitable during pregnancy, like facials, manicure, pedicures. We take all precautions during treatments, we do recommend if you had early complications during fertility to get doctors written consent prior having any treatments. You can also consult our ayurvedic practitioner how ayurveda can help before and after pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Fat Cavitation and Skin Tightening

Or Skin Tightening

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