Prolong your Sunless Tan

Good news for all you spray tan sydney cbd lovers! We are now stocking pre and post care techno tan products to prolong your spray tan, specially formulated to enhance any Techno tan. RRP$18

Pre Tanning Product

Pre Tanning> Exfoliating body cream gently prepares your skin for the best tan ever, Low foam, sodium lauryl sulphate free, gentle cleanses Shea butter, jojoba, macadamia and avocado seed oils and rejuvenates your skin.

Post Tanning Product

Post Tan> Deluxe toffee body butter contains exotic ingredients know for there anti aging and hydration properties, such as Moroccan oil, coffee extract and the amazing centella, plus shea butter, paw paw and Kakadu plum for heavily soft skin. keeping the skin hydrated can lock in prolong your tan for a few days.

Enquire with your tanning technician or reception on your visit.

TechnoTan DUO IMAGE-Ayurve Spa

TechnoTan DUO IMAGE-Ayurve Spa