Body Polish Treatments-Enjoy a  body polish, similar to a facial, but different from a massage, it is a whole body treatment wherein it exfoliates and hydrates the skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells, giving you a soft and smooth skin. There are a lot of materials used in a body polish procedure, like salt, sugar, rice bran etc, all of which are mixed with essential and massage oils and salt scrub is the term used when the treatment is performed using salt. This is often finished with a shower/bath and a lotion application.

Body Polish Treatment – Its Procedure

A body polish is typically performed inside a wet room with tile flooring and a drain but in a day spa you it can be done on the bed using hot towels. Your skin specialist will give you disposable underwear for you to put on, as well as a towel (this is for draping areas of your body that will not be treated). After that, you will lie on the massage table (face down). Majority of tables are wrapped in towels, sheets or thin plastic pieces. There are times where you will lie down on a wet table that has an overhead Vichy shower. In this scenario, there is no need for you to get up to rinse; the skin specialist will begin the treatment in this position. He or she will massage the exfoliating product softly on the back of your legs, feet and arm, as well as on your back. Once done, you will be instructed to turn on to the other side to complete the exfoliation treatment.

After both sides of your body have been treated, the skin specialist will instruct you to shower, so as to wash off the exfoliating product from your body. He or she will then replace the sheets or towels on the massage table while you are taking a shower, as you will lay on it again afterwards. When showering, you should wash your body thoroughly in order to remove all the small particles. Applying any shower gel must be avoided, so as to allow the aromatic and massage oils to settle on your skin.

If the process is being done on a wet table, the skin specialist will wash your skin by using a  shower or hand-held shower.

After you are done showering, you will need to dry yourself and lay face down again on the massage table, with only a towel to cover yourself. When the skin specialist comes back, he or she will rub oil or lotion on your skin.


Why Body Polish Treatments has many benefits

 Different from a massage, where its main purpose is to relax the body, this treatment provides numerous benefits. Most popular treatment in a day spa sydney location


Exfoliates the skin

  • Polishes the skin, making it feel fresh and look beautiful and healthy
  • Makes the skin supple, soft and smooth
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  • Gets rid of dirt and oil buildup that is blocking the skin pores
  • Stimulates skin cells, producing new, healthier skin layers
  • Removes dead skin cells. Dead layers of skin can likely make the face and body of a person look dull, unpleasant and unhealthy
Body Polish Cream Hydration Ayurve Sydney

Body Polish Cream Hydration Ayurve Sydney