Skin Concerns & Conditions – Facial Treatments & Extractions

Skin Concerns – Many factors both internally and externally can have an effect on your skin.  Age, Gender, Weather, Medications and in-correct product use can all play a role in how your skin looks and feels.  If you want to get the best out of your skin, it is crucial to have professional skin care advice on what suits you skin and more important is to make sure you are using the right product.  The most common skin conditions that we treat here at Ayurve, Sydney are:

Acne Scarring Skin Dehydrated Skin | Oily Skin | Pigmentation Prematurely Aging | Rosacea & Redness Sensitised Skin | Blackhead Extraction

Enlarged Pores | Breakouts & Blackheads | Acne Reduction | Dilated Capillaries | Fineline & Wrinkles |
Rough & Dry Skin | Vascular Vein Removal | Pigmentation Removal

Why Ayurve Skin Care Consultation?

  •  Products are customized according to your individual skin type
  •  Facials include change time and skin analysis
  •  For new clients we advise you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment to fill out a consultation form

At Ayurve Spa our facials are customized to suit your skin type, conditions and concerns.
Facials 45 minutes and longer begin with a skin analysis to maximize the results and make sure we are treating your skin with the best appropriate skin products. We use a facial ‘skin scanner’ machine, to show you exactly what is happening in these lower layers of the skin. Our trained skin care therapists will provide you with all the necessary skin care advice and home care after your treatment.

We use professional skin care products that contain purified and active ingredients that are delivered deeper down into the skin, more so than your general skin care that is used at home.

Skin that is dry, dull, bumpy, itchy, sensitive or oily is out of balance. This balance can be external, internal or a combination of both.

We use Top Skin Care brands for different skin concerns?

ASPECT & COSMEDIX – Advanced Skin Technology

Advanced skin Technology was established in 1994, they are committed to sourcing and providing the most technologically advanced skincare products and treatments available worldwide to the Australian/ New Zealand professional market. Advanced Skin Technology is currently the leading provider of clinical skincare products and treatments within the medical /cosmetic skin clinic arena.

AST’s objective is to develop a close personal relationship with our clients in order to provide the best possible customer service and to support the growth and development of the clinical skin care industry, particularly in the plastic surgery, cosmetic physician, skincare therapist and dermatology areas.


Dermalogica is a world renowned skin care range, created by leading Dermatologists. Using only the finest ingredients available, all products are non pore clogging and contain no mineral oils or lanolin, no irritating artificial colours and are fragrance or alcohol free.

OMVEDA – Ayurvedic Skin Care

Made entirely from organically grown Ayurvedic herbs (Indian), pure concentrated extracts of flowers, leaves, bark, herbs and wood. Ingredients are all are freshly grinded, mixed at time of treatment with organic milk, yogurt, and eggs. Omveda skin care is indian organic range for facial and body treatments.

Types of Facials for Men and Women

  • All skin type / Relaxation Customised Facials (60min, 75min, 90min)
  • Oily / Acnic skin facial
  • Inflamed / Sensitive skin facial
  • Dry / Dehydrated skin facial
  • Aging / Pigmented skin facial

Facial Treatments for Oily/Congested/Acne/Blemished skin

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – Dermalogica

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This deep pore cleansing facial is the ultimate in acne management; it targets current blemishes while helping to prevent breakout activity.

We use gentle earth clays to remove excessive oils, pineapple enzymes to decongest; skin is left cleaner fresher and anti bacterial.

Treatment consists of:

  • Double deep pore cleansing
  • Oil congestion softening steam treatment
  • Enzyme exfoliation
  • Blackhead Extraction (optional)
  • Target masque & hands or scalp massage
  • Oil control moisturizing

Skin Rejuvenator Facial – Omveda

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Most suited for (oilier) aging skins, scarring and pore tightening.

An ancient Indian remedy using Ayurvedic herbs-lentils, saffron and almond, this combination of herbs have a germicidal, anti-bacterial, anti wrinkle/aging properties. Lentils are beaten together with egg white to tighten the skin, this mask is removed with milk for optimum removal of dead surface cells, and skin is left glowing with health.

Vegetable Peel Facial – Omveda

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Major skin concern for all skin types, wrinkle reduction, contour tightening

A powerful rejuvenating skin treatment to deep cleanse every pore, restore balance and tighten the skin. Heat producing vegetable mask creates the ideal temperature at which skin absorbsion is achieved, the minerals increase cell respiration and renewal, as the masks hardens the skin and facial muscle contours tighten and wrinkles more relaxed with increased elasticity.

Ultracalming – Dermalogica Facial 

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Itchy/Sensitive/Blotchy/Redness skin.

If your skin is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy then this is the skin treatment for you to de-sensitize with oats, cool with cucumber, calm with honey and soothe with aloe protecting your delicate skin.

Treatment consists of:

  • Ultra soothing duo cleanse
  • Rice bran softening micro-exfoliation
  • De-stressing massage
  • Oatmeal de-sensitizing masque& hands or feet massage
  • Barrier protection moisturizing

Pure Silver Facial – Omveda 

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Most suited for sensitive/redness inflamed skins

Silver leaf, saffron and lotus combined together with grated cucumber cools and hydrates, capillaries/inflammation soothed and calmed, even the reddest of skins can be restored in this facial. Leaving the skin calm, soothed and very hydrated.

The Ultimate Hydrator Facial – Dermalogica

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Major Concern: Dry, dull, tight or flaky skin.

This step by step customized facial is tailored to your every concern; each product is carefully selected to drench your skin with optimum hydration such as honey based products a natural expectant which draws moisturize to the skin, hazelnut oil massage to stimulate cellular renewal and to awaken oil flow and de stress the tissues.

Treatment consists of:

  • Nourishing double cleansing
  • Skin hydration steam
  • Stimulating granular exfoliation
  • Regeneration massage
  • Hydration Masque, & Hands scalp massage
  • Moisturize

Fresh Strawberry Delight – Omveda

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Most suited for dryer, dehydrated skin types

Experience a facial like no other a decadence of fresh strawberries jam packed with health benefits, strawberries are rich in vitamin C and iron and an excellent source of salicylic acid to eliminate dead surface cells, softens the skin and deep cleans the pores.

Skin is revitalized and nourished and stimulated due to the warming effect, increases blood circulation and nutrient flow to the lower layers of the skin.

The Multivitamin Anti-Aging Facial – Dermalogica 

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Pigmented/aging/dull/slacking skin

This is Dermalogicas most powerful skin treatment, using powerful concoction of purest vitamins, to remove dull contaminated skin while promoting new healthier skin cell renewal, anti-oxidizing the skin leaves skin remarkable clearer and more glowing, designed for aging concerned clients. Ideal for prematurely aging, dry, sun-damaged skins that need regeneration and energizing.(please note this facial is not suited to client who are very new to skin care or facials)

Treatment consists of:

  • Revitalizing cleansing technique
  • Facial steaming
  • Multivitamin power exfoliant potent and resurfacing
  • Energizing facial massage
  • Multivitamin or Oatmeal masque, & hands or Scalp massage
  • Moisturize

24 Carat Gold Facial – Omveda

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Most suited for tired /dull skins

Pure gold leaf is used in gel; mask and crème form to increase circulation by gently warming the skin, for extreme nutrient infusion of vitamin E, skin is left rejuvenated, glowing and much revitalized.

Royal Pearl Indulgence – Omveda 

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Most suited for-aging or pigmented skin types

A totally indulgent and relaxing treatment that leaves your skin soft, minimizing fine lines and greatly reducing pigmentation, pearl has been used in Indian traditions for centuries for its rejuvenation properties as well as increasing elasticity and giving the skin a youthful glow.

This indulgent facial starts with a deep herb cleanse mix with organic milk, followed by herb and yogurt exfoliation to make way for finely ground pearl with its great abilities to brighten and lighten hyper-pigmentation, minimizes pores while reviving dry and lack luster skin conditions, your skin is left immediately illuminated.

+Facial Addon Therapies

( They can only be used with facial treatments)
To lengthen and increase indulgment in your treatment you may choose from any of the following 15 minute therapies to complete your skin treatment.

Facial contour firming mask 15min add to Dermalogica facials Only
Earth clay latex mask applied to the face and neck, moulds to the contours as it hardens firms and tightens the facial muscles and skin, leaving a fresh youthful appearance.

Relaxing back and shoulder massage 15min 
For complete relaxation Warm oil massage concentrating on the most tension areas of the back and neck. Including pressure point massage along the spine for increased oxygenated blood flow.

Bright eye treatment 15min add to Dermalogica facial’s only
Gentle cleansing to begin, rice bran and liquorice micro foliation, to brighten any dullness, lymph drainage massage moves dark circulation before completing with a soothing or firming eye contour mask.

Peppermint foot spa 15min
Put the zing back in your feet, soaked in lime salts softens tired aching feet, peppermint foot scrub springs feet to life, before mango butter is massaged into the tension spots for ultimate foot de-stress.

Our customised therapeutic facials will give your skin a quick boost to balance it on the surface and make it look and feel good. On the other hand, if you have a long-term skin imbalance, dig deeper than the surface and heal the reasons behind the imbalance.

At ayurve we use and advice Dermalogica. Dermalogica is perfect for our Australian climate and incorporates products for every skin type. It contains no clogging mineral or lanolin oils found in many products and no perfumes or colours. They are continually at the cutting edge of skin care research and provide optimal results.

If you are not happy with your current skin care range at home let our trained professionals prescribe you accurate Dermalogica or Omveda home care.

Only in a facial can we really see the skin at cleansed level and provide the best for you, as apposed to a department store where you may be wearing makeup, under strong light and possibly red and hot from rushing around the city. Invest wisely with homecare and have a Dermalogica facial.

Please tell therapist at time of booking if you wish to start a homecare routine so we can give you adequate advice time.

Facial Definitions:
Skin Treatments including steam, exfoliation, cleanse, mask, toner, moisturise or lotion. Some facials may defer based on time hence consult prior making a booking if you are planning to treat a specific skin. ( Sensitive, dry, oily, antiaging, rosacea, normal)


What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is an increased production of melanin in the epidermal or dermal layers of the skin, which causes the skin to become darker in patches. It is seen in the form of freckles, moles, Melasma (seen in pregnancy), Sun spots, Mottled pigmentation, which is mainly seen around the neck and decollatage and is caused by over exposure to the sun. Not all pigment can be treated successfully; this is why we strongly suggest a consultation to see whether you are a suitable candidate.

Some Causes of Hyperpigmentation?

  • Ultraviolet light – sun spots, freckles
  • Hormonal – Melasma which is seen alot with pregnant women
  • Chemicals – perfumes sprayed onto neck then exposure to sun can cause pigment to darken
  • Vitamin A and C deficiency
  • Drugs – contraceptive pill is very common
  • Post Traumatic – Burns, skin resurfacing, inflammation caused by acne

Symptoms & treatments for skin pigmentation

Treatments for Hyperpigmenation:

 All skin treatments are commenced once a thorough skin analysis is done, which is a FREE consultation with one of Ayurve’s skin therapists. All pre and post skin care will be explained, and all outcomes and costs will be advised.

Eros IPL Acne Treatments


IPL Treatments

IPL TreatmentsNormal PriceNowSave%Contact
Full Face-Facial Rejuvenation $220.00$200.00 10%
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Half Face-Facial Rejuvenation$140.00$120.0014%
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Decolletage Facial Rejuvenation$220.00$200.0010%
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Hand Rejuvenation$175.00$150.0014%
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Neck Rejuvenation$140.00$120.0014%
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Note: The first time clients of the IPL treatments are required to take a Test Patch before the actual treatment. Also note that if you have had any exposure to sun or tanning in the area needed treatment in the preceding 4-6 weeks then we can NOT treat it. Different concerns can be treated with IPL, Vascular, Pigmentation, Scarring, and can be combined with prescriptive home care to get the best results. Price below are estimated.

Note: All New Clients require a Test Patch before commencing any IPL treatments. If you have had any sun exposure or tanning to the area you want to treat in the past 4-6 weeks we can NOT treat.

How many treatments will i need?

Reduction of pigment = 2 to 4
Reduction of vascular lesions = 2 to 4
Skin rejuvenation = 4 to 6
Acne treatment = Up to 4

please note these are only approximates

Pre-Maturely Aging Skin

Premature aging of the skin is hitting a large number for population of both men and women who are in their twenties and thirties. Skin ages prematurely if the person does not follow a healthy lifestyle. And when over exposure to the sun, smoking and pollution is combined with unhealthy lifestyle the decline in elasticity and collagen production is accelerated, resulting into faster aging of the skin.

What is Pre-Maturely aging skin?

Aging of the skin is a natural process and 2 main factors influence this procedure. The first type that come into picture are intrinsic factors, these are genetically programmed changes occurring naturally in the skin. And the second type are extrinsic factors, they result from the environment and other external forces that affect the skin. It is the extrinsic factors that accelerate the aging process of the skin and results into what we call – Pre-Maturely Aging Skin.

Extrinsic causes of Pre-Maturely Aging Skin:

  • Sun Damage
  • Smoking
  • Pollution
  • Environment
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Medications
  • Drugs

The best way to avoid aging prematurely is having a consistent skin care regime at home with products recommended by a skin professional, a good skin therapist to advise on treatments and help maintain skin followed by a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Treatments for Pre Maturely Aging Skin

How many treatments will i need?

Reduction of pigment = 2 to 4
Reduction of vascular lesions = 2 to 4
Skin rejuvenation = 4 to 6
Acne treatment = Up to 4

please note these are only approximates


IPL Acne Treatments

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 Full Face

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 Half Face

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 Spot Treatment from

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Note: All New Clients require a Test Patch before commencing any IPL treatments. If you have had any sun exposure or tanning to the area you want to treat in the past 4-6 weeks we can NOT treat.

How many treatments will i need?

Reduction of pigment = 2 to 4
Reduction of vascular lesions = 2 to 4
Skin rejuvenation = 4 to 6
Acne treatment = Up to 4

please note these are only approximates

Sensitized Skin

Sensitized Skin versus Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a commonly seen in people that have fair skin and are usually of Northern European ancestry, they will have a genetic predisposition towards sensitive skin. This is mainly because they have they have a thinner epidermal layer and a lower amount of pigment in their skin, making it easier for ingredients to cause irritation to the skin as its easier for them to be absorbed.Sensitized skin is not genetically programmed and can be a direct result from the harsh effects the environment can have on our skin, anyone, any age, can have sensitised skin. Their is a fine line between someone that is Sensitive and someone that is sentitized as both skin type and condition have the same symptoms and can be treated the same.

What causes sensitized skin?

The fastest rising factor contributing to sensitized skin is environmental assault, as the epidermis (top layer of skin) is constantly exposed to assault from the sun, extreme weather and pollution. All these factors can easily dry out the skin of its natural oils, leaving the skin prone to sensitivity as your skin needs these natural oils to protect itself.
As we grow older, the lipids in our top layers of skin begin to decrease, leaving the skin prone to the harsh effects of the environment.
Alcohol, certain medications, smoking, certain cosmetics and soaps are all big factors in drying out our skin and causing skins to react to harsh chemicals and ingredients. This can often see people reacting in the forms of itching, burning, contact dermatitis and many more symptoms when we expose ourselves to these things.

Treatments to relieve Sensitive or Senstized skin are:

How many treatments will i need?

Reduction of pigment = 2 to 4
Reduction of vascular lesions = 2 to 4
Skin rejuvenation = 4 to 6
Acne treatment = Up to 4

please note these are only approximates

Other facial rejuvenation & Skin treatment options are:

  1.  IPL Facial Rejuvenation & Treatments
  2.  Microdermabrasion
  3.  Micro Skin Needling with Infusion
  4.  Leg Light Therapy
  5.  RF Face & Body Skin Tightening
  6.  Peels & Facials