Swedish Massage for Her and Him

Swedish Massage-As with all types of therapeutic massage, Swedish massage is applied to help revitalize your health by reaching your vital points that make your body comforted from anxiety and pain. It is performed by cautiously kneading, as well as making use of smooth, long strokes on your body. By far, Swedish massage is the most famous type of massage and is a frequently utilized method of massage therapy not only in the USA, but in all parts of the globe as well.

Swedish Massage – How to do and benefits


Ayurve Spa Swedish massage

Swedish Massage Techniques

It always helps to make yourself familiar with the 5 major Swedish massage techniques. They are tapotement, which involves tapping the massage area using the fingertips or hands; petrissage, also known as kneading; vibration, which involves mild shaking; effleurage, which involves gentle stroking or gliding movements; and friction, which are rapid, small movements in order to produce heat. They are basic techniques, but most of them have more particular movements in them.


How Swedish Massage is Performed

Massage lotions and oils are utilized by a professional massage therapist while you are draped or covered with a sheet throughout the session, although each part of your body will be uncovered while it is being massaged. This type of massage must consist of stroking and gliding movements, so that your body can relax, as well as pressing or kneading to increase circulation of blood, increase muscle contraction and rouse your tired muscles.
You should lie down on a table with ease as you breathe without any trouble during the session. Your back is the first thing that will be massaged, and the massage therapist will begin from the upper back to the lower back until he/she reaches your legs. After massaging your back area and legs, the massage therapist will then require you to carefully and slowly turn around, so you can face up on the table. He/she will gently massage your neck, arms, chest, and legs, and to prevent harsh resistance or rubbing on the skin, more lotion or oil can be applied onto your body, if necessary. Of course, you will be left alone and given enough time to put on your dress as soon as the session is finished.

Conclusion about Swedish Massages

You can always look forward to a soothing and comfortable session with Swedish massage alone or with a partner like our couples massages, and the good news is that you will easily notice that your headache, back pain, migraine, arthritis, or muscle pain or spasm will be relieved. The reason for this is that therapeutic massage such as this can help you loosen your rigid muscles, provides a nice circulation and flow of oxygen, and gets rid of the buildup of lactic acid.

Be sure that the person performing the massage is a professional massage therapist, so that you will have the assurance that you will be treated with an outstanding service. You will certainly be fascinated with this type of massage therapy and what it can do for you in terms of improving the condition of your health and how it is going to make you feel a couple of years younger.

Note: Every Day Spa in Sydney may have a generic name for swedish massages, at Ayurve Day Spa it comes under Relaxing Back and Scalp Massage. Dont forget to checkout other Sydney Massage Blog topics.

Ayurve Spa Swedish massage