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Massage Therapy For All Occasions

Massage Therapy Massages are nice and they give you a therapeutic feeling that is hard to duplicate. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a stressful day, massage therapy works wonders. With a Massage in Sydney you can take advantages of the many benefits that are a result and they range from rehabbing [...]

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How to: Give Hand Massages

Give Hand Massage It is important not to neglect hands as part of the beauty and relaxation regime. A youthful face is often betrayed by a person’s hands that are prone to the ageing process. Steps to Hands Massage Therapy Pour a small amount of massage or vegetable oil on the palms. Gently spread the oil on the whole hand by using small and light strokes. Using both thumbs, lightly stroke the hand starting from the middle of the hand. While resting the client’s hand with one of your hands, take each finger in turn: […]

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