Tips for Brazilian Waxing

Tips for Brazilian Waxing Sydney A Brazilian waxing is a type of Bikini wax which involves the removal of ALL pubic hair in the genital region. Whilst the process does not tickle and can be quite painful at times, the Brazilian has become one of the most popular services in the bikini wax family. At Ayurve we only use Hot Wax for the removal of the hair which is far more gentle and less painful on the area compared to the common use of strip wax which can be too harsh on the delicate skin. Here a few tips and precautionary measures to take when preparing, during and after your Brazilian Wax: Brazilian Waxing Precautions: Brazilians wax can only be done when the pubic hair is at least half a centimetre long, but it can also be too long so please trim down to at least a centimetre before hand to reduce chances of it being too painful. Brazilian waxing should not be done on pimples; new scars raised moles or open sores. You should take a shower and wash your pubic area before going for this service. You cannot have this service if you currently have any active herpes infection. Check that the wax will be done with disposable spatulas and company has a ‘no double dipping ‘ policy in place, this basically means every time the spatula is dipped into the wax and applied on your skin it is then thrown into the bin and a new spatula is picked up. Never feel shy to ask, to either see or ensure that the room and equipment is all sterile and that the therapist must wear gloves at all times. Most professional salons/spas have in place a breathing technique to reduce any discomfort throughout the treatment. Most Brazilians take between 15 – 45 minutes to be done. […]