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Massage And Spa Treatments – A Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Are you searching for a gift idea for this christmas that provides you a fantastic deal while giving a nice impression on your family members and friends? Purchase a massage and spa treatments gift card for a massage, facial, or even a whole day of soothing and revitalizing treatments. Even the toughest of person can [...]

3 Top Massage Types for Her or Him in Australia

3 Top Massages Type for all 3 top Massages - Massage therapy has a broad range of styles which can assist with common ailments such as headaches, stress, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, just to name a few. It can decrease stress, pain and improve flexibility. Once only used for pampering it is now proven to have [...]

Corporate Massage – A Great Reward for Employees

Corporate Massage For Him or Her Corporate massages, also known as seated or chair massages, employs many soothing and refreshing treatments that do not require messy lotions and oils, and allow the individual to remain fully clothed. They are slightly different from other forms of massages, such as Swedish, Shiatsu, hot stone, and many more. [...]

Massage Therapy For All Occasions

Massage Therapy Massages are nice and they give you a therapeutic feeling that is hard to duplicate. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a stressful day, massage therapy works wonders. With a Massage in Sydney you can take advantages of the many benefits that are a result and they range from rehabbing [...]

Day Spa Treatments – Is for Everyone

Day Spa treatments everyone for relaxation is an essential commodity that a lot of people need today. A growing number of men and women have discovered that a retreat to a local day spa or massage center is one of the simplest and most comfortable ways to unwind and relive the stress brought about by our everyday [...]

Swedish Massage- How to do and benefits

Swedish Massage Swedish Massage-As with all types of therapeutic massage, Swedish massage is applied to help revitalize your health by reaching your vital points that make your body comforted from anxiety and pain. It is performed by cautiously kneading, as well as making use of smooth, long strokes on your body. By far, Swedish massage [...]

How to: Give Hand Massages

Give Hand Massage It is important not to neglect hands as part of the beauty and relaxation regime. A youthful face is often betrayed by a person’s hands that are prone to the ageing process. Steps to Hands Massage Therapy Pour a small amount of massage or vegetable oil on the palms. Gently spread the oil on the whole hand by using small and light strokes. Using both thumbs, lightly stroke the hand starting from the middle of the hand. While resting the client’s hand with one of your hands, take each finger in turn: […]

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Health benefits from massage therapy

Let go of the tension in your mind and body with a rejuvenating massage at the hands of skilled therapists in Sydney. Life at times can be quite stressful, sinking us into tightness and unbalance, and at such times, we need some assistance in relieving ourselves of the pain and aches. Massaging has been an [...]

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples at Ayurve Anniversary Gift Ideas-When one of your couple friend’s anniversaries is approaching it can be hard for you to try to find a gift that you think both of them will enjoy. The good news is there are many gift options for you to consider but you have probably [...]

Romantic Couples Packages

You and your favourite person are a great team. You care a lot about each other and you both work hard every day because you’re passionate about everything in your lives: family, friends, work and each other. Valentines Romantic Special Packages This Valentines Day, wouldn’t it be nice if you could jump into a plane [...]

Ayurve Spa Offers Spa and Beauty Packages in Sydney

Beauty Packages Isn't amazing to know that Ayurve Spa brings the pure essence of spa and beauty salon to Sydney? With the years of experience and constantly adding better services in their portfolio. They offer myriad of services in the Beauty treatments and packages, here a few suggestions elaborated: Spa Treatments: There are a variety [...]