Are you plagued by minor aches and pains? Are you feeling the physical effects of stress? Do you have an injury or a health concern that has left you feeling out of balance? If you’ve never had a professional massage, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. If you work or live in Sydney’s Central Business District, then Ayurve is a fantastic choice for therapeutic or relaxing spa-style massage.

Sydney Massage at Ayurve

If you spend a lot of time in Sydney’s CBD, then you may be in need of some relaxation. Ayurve offers a wide variety of massage techniques, all in a soothing and welcoming environment that’s very central and very easily accessible. We’re only a couple of blocks from Hyde Park, in the Strand Arcade at 436 George Street. We’ve been in business for more than a decade and we are are some of the most experienced and highly skilled Sydney massage therapists. We are proud to have created an island of calm and tranquility in the centre of Sydney.

Massage for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Almost everyone deals with minor physical aches and with major mental stressors every day. It’s part of life, but it can leave you feeling worn out and fed up. Your muscles are sore from sitting, sore from hunching over a computer or sore from the repetitive motion of running, cycling or using the cardio machines at the gym. Whatever you do, whether it’s still or active, seems to make you feel achy and tired. When you stop to think about it, you realise that you’ve been running at full throttle for too long.

You need a massage. A massage will get your circulation moving and clear the toxins that have built up in your muscles. Being pampered will lift your spirits and make you feel fresh and new. For stress relief, relaxation and renewal, try any of our massages. If you’re not sure which you’d prefer, call us and we can help you decide.

Massage for Healing

Just as massage can help to clear out the cobwebs and relieve minor aches and pains, the circulatory benefits of massage can also help to heal injuries, especially sports injuries to the muscles and connective tissues. If you have an injury or another health issue that might be helped by massage, then book a remedial massage or an Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage. When you come in for your appointment, be sure to give the massage therapist a full description of the injury and what you’ve done to address it so far.

Massage is For Everyone

Therapeutic massage Sydney Ayurve Spa

Therapeutic massage Sydney Ayurve Spa

We find that some of our first time massage clients, especially women, are self conscious about their bodies. At Ayurve, we will always respect your personal space and you will be able to guide the process. In addition, we strongly believe that every body is worthy of respect and the very best care. Please don’t let shyness or self consciousness keep you from experiencing the benefits of professional massage.

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Why Should You Go For A Spa Massage Once In A While?

Spa Massages

It’s almost sad that we are born in this era where people all around you are running and are in a race to get one step ahead of us. We need to keep ourselves upbeat to face these challenges as the competition in today’s time is fiercer than it ever was. So when you feel drained out due to work pressures a spa massage can definitely make you feel better.

Though we have to face such stressful conditions at work and other places, thankfully, we also have places like spas and beauty salons to visit where a simple aromatic massage can make us feel better instantly.

There are basically two types of massages namely spa massages and therapeutic massages. Both of these massage styles have evolved from same original style of massage, yet the resulting effects of both the styles are vastly different.


Spa Massage-Ayurve Spa Sydney

Spa Massage-Ayurve Spa Sydney

Spa massages are more about relaxation, indulgence, and celebration; especially when you have achieved something special or there is a reason to celebrate. These spas offer services to make your outside appearance look better or to change the way you look. The services that are included are makeovers, manicures, different types of hair styling & haircuts and much more. The massage that is given at such salons is light and is basically to relax you and your body; it does not concentrate on ailments or health issues. These massages help in enhancing the radiance of your skin and by using products like scrubs, shower gel and fragrant creams, the treatment help your skin glow and make you look more beautiful.

  • Therapeutic Massages:

Therapeutic massage is different from the massage given by a spa masseuse; it concentrates mainly on improving physical health and reducing mental stress along with relaxation. The therapist here will first of all discuss with the client in detail regarding the health issues, by way of counseling. In addition the therapist will also learn about your lifestyle so that a proper treatment can be customized especially for you in order to get best results. In therapeutic massage proper attention is given to shoulders, back and neck. If you have muscular pain in legs, then a foot and leg massage is also included. More emphasis is given to tensed and knotted muscles in this type of massage than by a spa massage. The therapists here are professionals and can help you cure the muscular pains from the root, so that they do not recur. These treatments are long and you will have to visit the therapist regularly as advised by him. Once the treatment is over the therapist will share the health maintenance tactics with you so that you can keep in good shape for a long period of time.

Now you know that spa massages concentrate more on beautification and therapeutic massages concentrate on better health. Both these types of massages have their own benefits and depending upon your need you can choose the type of spa pamper package you want to make you feel rejuvenated.