Lip & Chin Waxing, Sydney

Lip & Chin Waxing Package 15min: $25.00
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Lip & chin waxing in sydneyA lot of people do not understand why most women are concerned about their unpleasant facial hair, and this is an issue that many women do not like to discuss. You will find numerous ways to remove that ugly hair on your lip or chin, and among the methods worth considering is through lip waxing and chin waxing.

While lip and chin waxing is not the cheapest way to eliminate facial hair, it is among the well-known procedures for you in Sydney to achieve a hairless face. It not only gets rid of the hair, but it has added ingredients to make your skin soothing as well. In case you experience itchiness or redness, what you can do is to rub your chin or lip with ice. We recommend using hot wax which is ideal for sensitive skin.

Most women prefer to have their lip waxing done in a beauty salon. There are waxing kits that can be used at home, but some of these are not as good as when you have your facial hair removed by someone who is more trained to do it. Waxing kits may cause problems when heated in a microwave oven, because heating devices don’t have the same energy settings.

Chin and lip waxing is not the cheapest method available, but definitely not the most expensive one. Even if it’s done by a professional, you still get to save more money compared to laser hair removal or electrolysis treatments.

In addition, chin and lip waxing is better than shaving in such a way that it is longer lasting. You don’t have to worry about bumps brought about by the razor burn, although you can still see some redness when you have your hair waxed, which will disappear in a few hours.

For best results, you need to make sure that your hair is at least a quarter of an inch; otherwise, the outcome will not be that good, as the wax will not have sufficient hair to stick to.

If you are are looking for long term permanent hair reduction try our laser hair removal treatments for lip and chin.