Waxing Hair Removal Services for Men Women, Sydney

Waxing Hair Removal – Ayurve beauty salon specializes in hair removal for women men in Sydney CBD, best quality wax by experienced beauticians only, top treatments are eyebrows, full leg, Brazilian and bikini wax.

Women’s Waxing Hair Removal Prices

Waxing for Women

Waxing for Women Pricelist, subject to change without notice.
Waxing TreatmentPrice
Lip OR Chin$13.00
Lip & Chin-15min$25.00
Sides of Face-15min$20.00
Eye Brow Shape$25.00
Underarm-15 min$25.00
1/2 Back-15min$25.00
Full Back-20-30min$50.00
1/2 Arm-15min$25.00
3/4 Arm-25min$35.00
Full Arm-30min$45.00
Inner Thighs-15min$30.00
Bikini-Standard-(sides only) 15min$30.00
Bikini-Extended (G-string higher than usual)-30min$45.00
Half Leg-15min$40.00
3/4 Leg-30min$45.00
Top Half Leg-30min$40.00
Full Leg-30min$50.00
Full Leg & Bikini St & Underarm-60min$80.00
Full Leg & Bikini G- string & Underarm Waxing-70min$95.00
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Womens/Female Brazilian/Hollywood Wax Cost

Brazilian/Hollywood Wax for Women Prices

Waxing TreatmentsSingle Price ($)
Brazilian/Hollywood Goddess-Full Bikini-30min$70.00
Brazilian/Hollywood Touch-Up ***$60.00
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Brazilian/Hollywood Wax for Women
***(within 4 weeks)-30min only applicable if you have been to Ayurve within 5 weeks

Learn more about brazilian wax.

Male Waxing Arm Shoulder back Buttocks brazilian

Mens or Male  Waxing  Cost

Waxing For Men

Waxing TreatmentsPrice
Eye Brow Shape-20min$25.00
Eye Brow Touch up 15min$25.00
Underarm Wax-15min$25.00
1/2 Back Wax(shoulder)-15 min$25.00
Back Wax-30 min$50.00
Back + Shoulder 40min$65.00
Chest Wax-25 min$45.00
Chest to Stomach-45 min$65.00
Stomach wax-25 min$38.00
Full Arm Wax-35 min$50.00
Full Leg Wax-45 min$65.00
Mens Speedo-30min$50.00
Full Leg+Speedo Bikini 60min$76.00
Full Back+Full Arm+Full Leg+Speedo Bikini-110min$169.00
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Waxing For Men

5 Good reasons to visit Ayurve Beauty Salon Sydney City for Female or Male Wax Hair Removal?

  1. We use disposable implements & spatulas for all wax.
  2. We do not recycle wax and use 100% quality wax to give you best results.
  3. All equipment and instruments are thoroughly sterilized before every wax treatment.
  4. We we use pink wax for sensitive areas or strip wax for larger areas & after care products to soothe your skin.
  5. Ayurve has experienced beauticians since 2003, our aim is to provide best female qualified wax technique to minimize pain and improve quality results.

Please Read Prior booking any Wax Hair Removal treatments

  • Advise us at the time of booking if you have any problems like skin irritations, skin disorders, to avoid any reactions to treatments.
  • Women’s  Cheap Wax Packages in Sydney Cbd available if booking is between 9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm Monday-Friday only

4 Tips-After Wax Care for Men and Women highly recommended

We recommend the following 4 products that can be used after treatment, don’t forget to ask to save your skin from ingrown and irritation!

Why Tea tree oil hand and body wash & lotion ?

Mancine Body Wash Lotion-Ayurve Spa SydneyIngredients – Tea tree oil and melaleuca oil
Benefits – The base is naturally antibacterial and ant fungicidal can be used all over hands and body (external) will prevent bacterial and fungicidal growth. Therefore this reduces redness and irritation, prevents infection (as after wax follicles are open for a little while) Keeps skin fresh and healthy, clear of redness, bumps and rehydrating.
Use – Tea Tree Wash in Shower and the body lotion 1 or 2 times per day on clean skin (no sun protection in this!)


Why Hovans Gold Bikini Saver Or Bump Eraser?

Hovans Bikini Saver- Ayurve Spa SydneyIngredients – Bromelain (pineapple extract), Tea tree oil, Vitamin A (retinol)
Benefits – The pineapple and vitamin A are extremely exfoliating to sloth away the dead skin cells preventing the build-up (this is what causes ingrown hairs to develop) The Tea tree oil will kill and prevent bacteria and fungus growth.
Use – Apply once or twice a day on the waxed areas, great for bikini, Brazilian, underarms, even men’s shave areas (beard area etc) Quite a strong paste solution, a small amount is needed.


Why Exfoliating gloves/ Loofah for after wax solution ?

Loofah Gloves-Ayurve Spa SydneyVery important to use all over body after waxing (24 hours) at least 2-3 times per week. Use alone or with a Tea Tree wash in circular motions towards the heart ideally. Really great to soften and smooth the skin by removing the dead skin also lymphatic drainage and detoxing and most import preventing ingrowns



Waxing Women

Arm Wax & Hair Removal, Sydney

Given the pain that is associated with Arm Waxing, it is still not surprising that a lot of people prefer to incorporate this hair removal procedure as part of their beauty routine as you will find numerous benefits of arm waxing, and those who do this procedure on a regular basis clearly find that the advantages make up for the slight discomfort.

The truth is that the pain is always overstated, and only if you seek the assistance of a professional beautician, this discomfort will be felt only for a few seconds. While it’s just a slight discomfort, first timers, of course, may want to begin slowly.

Benefits of Waxing

  • Try to avoid undergoing a waxing procedure the week after your menstrual period. This is when you will be more sensitive.
  • Regularly exfoliating the area to be waxed is recommended for better results.
  • Make sure that the beauty salon or day spa where you are getting waxed is sanitary and uses the policy ‘ no double dipping’ which means a new spatula for every time the waxing therapist applies wax to the areas
  • You cannot have the arm waxing done if skin is burnt, broken or skin rashes are present.
  • Some medications can affect your skin when arm waxing, it is always best to check with doctor before commencing.

Armpit Hair Removal/ Underarm Waxing

One of the reactive organs of the body is underarm, and if we are to weigh it against the rest of the areas of our body, it is pretty understandable that they’re darker with unnecessary hair. This is because of sweat and pigmentation. Our underarms perspire too much, and since it is only a small area, wetness has the tendency to remain there for a long time. Because of this, our armpits turn dark with unnecessary hair all over, which then become a problem for most women.

A lot of women in Sydney search for ways on how to get rid not only the dark spot, but the unwanted hair as well. Why allow the embarrassment to take place, when you can find a solution that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? And because of this, underarm waxing is regarded as one of the few well-known methods for hair removal.

What You Get from Underarm Wax

Naturally, underarm waxing gets rid of the hair in the armpit area. Likewise, it eliminates the dead skin from the outside. More often than not, the dark spot is only on the top part, so this kind of waxing procedure helps solve the problem. Moreover, it is very effective in removing acne marks or stains, if there’s any. It has also been medically proven that underarm waxing is good for maintaining personal hygiene, particularly during the summer months, where people tend to sweat a lot.

One thing to remember prior to having your underarm waxing is to let it grow for about a quarter of an inch – enough for the hair to stick to the wax and be pulled back. Also, always remember to put a sunblock lotion, particularly when your underarm is freshly waxed.

If you have not done underarm waxing yourself, it would be best to have a professional do it for you instead.

EyeBrow waxing and shaping by Ayurve Spa

Eyebrow Wax & Shaping, Sydney

Eyebrows waxing and shaping works best when done by a skilled professional, especially for those who have had bad experiences before or have special requests when it comes to the preferred shape.

Eyebrow Wax and Shaping – What’s the Difference?

Sydney Eyebrows waxing involves the use of hot wax, a brow comb and scissors if needing a trim. Before the beauty therapist begins they will have a detailed look at the brow and ask you if you have any preferences to how it is shaped. Warm wax is then applied to the hair needing to be removed; slight pressure is placed on the wax so that it is firmly attached to all the finer hairs as well, then in one quick movement the wax is removed, leaving the area hair free.

Sometimes wax will need to be applied again to the same area if not all hairs came out successfully, sometimes this happens if the skin has had a lot of makeup present, or skin is quite oily, the area should not be waxed more than twice.

After the eyebrow waxing is complete, it is time to tweeze the area to really define the shape, and then trimming to get rid of any long rogue hairs. As soon as the procedure is done, a post waxing oil and lotion will be used to calm the area and help keep it clean.

To really sharpen the look of eyebrow shaping, it is recommended you ask the therapist to tint the brows just before the wax procedure, as this will enhance and freshen the color of your natural brow and fill in any gaps.

Looking for Eyebrows waxing offers? 

Eyebrow Waxing, Shaping, Threading,Tinting.

The Benefits of Lip & Chin Wax, Sydney

Lip & Chin Waxing Package

A lot of people do not understand why most women are concerned about their unpleasant facial hair, and this is an issue that many women do not like to discuss. You will find numerous ways to remove that ugly hair on your lip or chin, and among the methods worth considering is through lip waxing and chin waxing.

While lip and chin waxing is not the cheapest way to eliminate facial hair, it is among the well-known procedures for you in Sydney to achieve a hairless face. It not only gets rid of the hair, but it has added ingredients to make your skin soothing as well. In case you experience itchiness or redness, what you can do is to rub your chin or lip with ice. We recommend using hot wax which is ideal for sensitive skin.

Most women prefer to have their lip waxing done in a beauty salon. There are waxing kits that can be used at home, but some of these are not as good as when you have your facial hair removed by someone who is more trained to do it. Waxing kits may cause problems when heated in a microwave oven, because heating devices don’t have the same energy settings.

Chin and lip waxing is not the cheapest method available, but definitely not the most expensive one. Even if it’s done by a professional, you still get to save more money compared to laser hair removal or electrolysis treatments.

In addition, chin and lip waxing is better than shaving in such a way that it is longer lasting. You don’t have to worry about bumps brought about by the razor burn, although you can still see some redness when you have your hair waxed, which will disappear in a few hours.

For best results, you need to make sure that your hair is at least a quarter of an inch; otherwise, the outcome will not be that good, as the wax will not have sufficient hair to stick to.

Men Waxing Hair Removal

Male Waxing Hair Removal in Sydney is a common phenomenon these days for men to have waxing done, waxing for men is common for two main reasons, one they want to look attractive  This helps them with boosted confidence as they flaunt their model like unblemished and hair free body. Two, waxing the unwanted hair is recommended for hygiene reasons.

If you are considering getting unwanted hair removed from your back or  chest waxing, but wondering if it will be painful; then please be assured that our expert beauty therapists and suave products will remove your hair from the root without substantial pain. Waxing is any day better than shaving as after waxing your hair will not grow for at least 3-4 weeks. And the re-growth will be soft and light making your next waxing session even less painful. We have expert beauticians that specializes in male waxing; we provide back & chest waxing to full body wax for men and anything in between.

If you want to surprise your male partner why not to buy him a waxing package as a gift for birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. Men don’t mind when they get a gift for Chest Wax or Back Wax specially from their female partners. Once they have had a good experience you can always go for Mens Laser Hair Removal.

Full Back Wax – Men/Male

You will find male waxing to be quite popular and more acceptable now that many Sydney salons offer this type of service due to many client requests. While waxing is still more popular to women, as well as used more often, back waxing is perhaps the waxing treatment that is most frequently done for men, and for first timers,full back waxing can be rather intimidating.

Once the back waxing procedure is done, it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours for your pores to close again, so make certain that you steer clear of any greasy oil or dirt, public spas and saunas and strenuous gym workouts. After the initial back wax procedure, keep in mind that your hair will grow back in a few weeks; sometimes it may grow back slightly lighter. Do not worry, as your future hair waxing sessions won’t be as intimidating as the first one.

Male Back Waxing – What to Remember

Here are some points to remember:

  • It is better that your skin is completely clean and dry. An oily skin may likely be a slight problem in terms of sticking the wax onto the hair. The therapist normally removes any surface oil with a pre waxing spray to the area.
  • Always use a water-based aloe vera cream after the procedure.
  • It is best to wear loose clothes after getting waxed to prevent irritation of the skin.
  • The hair to be waxed must be a quarter of an inch long to make sure that the wax has sufficient hair to stick to.
  • Ensure that your skin is stretched in the other direction and is held there when the wax is removed. This will make the hair pulled out much better.
  • As much as possible, when undergoing a back wax, your muscles must be comfortable to enable the skin to become stretched in the other direction when pulled out.
  • To create a sterilized condition after the back waxing procedure, you can have a sea salt bath or get soaked in Epsom salt. You can do this yourself at home.

Male Chest Waxing Hair removal Sydney

Men can have their back or chest hair removed in a number of ways, and most of them do it either by waxing or shaving to become hair-free temporarily. Chest Waxing, though, is the better choice among the two, because it provides men with a better look and keeps their back or chest hairless for a few weeks.

Mens Chest Waxing – Why Do It?

Male Chest Wax Ayurve Spa Sydney

Chest wax in Sydney is done in a simple manner and is a kind of procedure that men should not worry about. When the treatment is finished, you may see some redness and minor bumps, which will last only for 1-2 days. Before long, your skill will get into the habit of waxing, plus you will barely ever notice the side effects.

Chest wax starts with cutting the hair at the back and/or chest to a length that’s just right to get the procedure done correctly. This helps lessen the pain and guarantees complete chest hair removal 100%.

Chest wax can be carried out in 2 ways: through strip wax and non-strip wax. Strip wax needs a cloth on the wax that is immediately stripped, a part of the procedure that is painful. On the other hand, a non-strip wax entails placing thick wax layers on the skin. For you to experience less pain, it is best to have an expert wax all the unwanted hair for you – someone who has lots of experience in doing this particular type of beauty treatment.

There are benefits to having your chest hair removed. Have you noticed that muscles look more polished and appealing when a man has no chest hair? According to a survey conducted, practically 90% of women are not into men with back hair, and while a small number of them find chest hair to be quite charming, they absolutely do not want a shaved chest. This is the more reason for men to go to a beauty salon or day spa for back wax and chest wax.

If you are looking for a long term solution then try our our laser hair removal for men.

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