Ayurve is one of the unique concept located conveniently in Drummoyne and a popular destination as a Sydney Day Spa. Here at Ayurve, we believe in treating the skin, releasing your stress through therapeutic massage and making your body beautiful.

Ayurve Day Spa at Sydney CBD

What is different about Ayurve Day Spa ?

Upon entering treatment rooms, you will smell mild aroma essence, dimmed lights and relaxing feeling which will excite the senses to calm down.

Offering an unsurpassed menu of treatments we follow our philosophy to make you feel beautiful from inside out. It was created in December 2003, to be a beauty & wellbeing haven, in the Sydney CBD.

The Unique Concept

This new concept is a combination of  day spa , beauty salon , laser clinic and Ayurvedic Spa in the same location. We manage beauty inside out, ayurvedic lifestyle consultation, relaxation and pampering day spa treatments, beauty and skin treatments.

What treatments does Ayurve Sydney Day Spa Offer?

Couples Massage Room-Ayurve Spa Sydney

Couples Massage Room-Ayurve Spa Sydney


Why Ayurveda Spa Concept?

We have chosen Ayurveda as our predominant holistic wellbeing and lifestyle system. This system helps you to improve, detox and increase energy through diet and exercise.

Ayurveda is an ancient science and philosophy from India. Over 5,000 years old, it is only now starting to emerge in the west. Ayurveda covers your diet and lifestyle habits, to create your well-being. It has the power to change your life, no question about it.

What is Ayurvedic Constitution ?

It is a method to determine your body type and the strength of each element in your body.

Which are the 5 elements in our body ?

The 5 elements are Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether. Our body consists the 5 elements and the dominant constitution is always presence in our body.

Most common Use of Ayurvedic system ?

Stress and Weight loss-Using practical steps, and without undue effort, you can reach your ideal weight. Within a short period of time you can feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic than ever before. You can balance your emotional life and come home to your soul.

Sydney Day Spa- Ayurvedic Treatments

Sydney Day Spa- Ayurvedic Treatments

Sydney Day Spa-Our quality guarantee !

Ayurve has strict hiring policies, employing only the most exceptional beauty, laser and spa therapists. To land a job at Ayurve you must be a technical perfectionist with a burning passion to serve and help others.

You can’t teach nurturance and care, so we only hire therapists who have it in their nature, but we all are human beings and if you are not satisfied please advise immediately prior leaving the premises.

Any feedback is good feedback for our business and we assure you it will help us to help all future customers.

Sydney Day Spa Ayurve